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Neroli (Organic) 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – 5ml

100% Pure, Organic Therapeutic Grade Neroli 10ml Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Comes in 10ml amber glass essential oil bottle. European Dropper Cap included

Neroli Essential Oil has a soft floral aroma.

What sets Healing Solutions Essential Oils apart is superior cultivation of ingredients that are the best in the world. Combined with superior distillation and bottling care process, We GUARANTEE that our oils are aromatically superior and more effective than any other oils – if you disagree we will refund your money!

Product Features

  • The most UNIQUE and AMAZING SMELLING Nerolion the market. If you are not ABSOLUTELY amazed, receive a full refund no questions asked!
  • SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are just trying our Neroli for the first time and you do not switch to it permanently as your new favorite oil we will refund your money, guaranteed.
  • PURE + ORGANIC + RIGOROUS QUALITY TESTING & CONTROLS: Distillation facility is GMP, FDA, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified. Make sure ALL oils you buy have these qualifications ★ CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS!! ★ THE MOST RARE, BEST SMELLING, AND MOST THERAPEUTICALLY EFFECTIVE OF ALL NEROLI: Healing Solutions Neroli (Citrus aurantium) is grown in the best possible place on earth which ensures that it will have the highest therapeutic content possible.
  • ★★ LIMITED SUPPLY SALE ★★ ———- Healing Solutions is SUPERIOR because it offers 155 different 100% Pure and all Organic essential oils for blending/pairing including: Adoration Blend Agar Agarwood Ajowan Ajwain Allspice Ambrette Amyris Angelica Root Anise Star Aniseed Anti-Aging Aphrodisiac Balance Balsam Basil Bay Bergamot Betel Leaf Birch Black Pepper Blood Orange Breathe Cade Cajeput Calamus Root Calming Camphor Cananga Caraway Carrot Cassia Cedarwood Celery Seed Chamomile (German & Roman) Chili Seed Cinnamon Bark Cinnamon Leaf Citronella Fresh Citrus Bliss Clary Sage Cleaning Clove Coffee Copaiba Coriander Costmary Cumin Costus Cranberry Cypress Cyprioli Cubeb Curry Davana Deep Muscle Relief Dill Weed Dragon Rest Earth Wood Elemi Eucalyptus Elecampane Exhale Fennel Fenugreek Fir Needle Frangipani Frankincense French Lavender Galangal Garlic Geranium (Egypt) Ginger Gingergrass Good Night Goldenrod Grapefruit Guaiacwood Harmony Head Ease Helichrysum Hickory nut Ho Wood Hope Horseradish Hydacheim Hyssop Idaho Invigorate Jamarosa Jasmine Absolute Joy Juniper Berry Key Lime Labdanum Ledum Lemon Lemon Linaloe Eucalyptus Lemon Myrtle Lemongrass Love Mace Mandarin Meditation Melaleuca See Melissa Mentha Mountain Mugwort Mustard Orris Myrrh Myrtle Neroli Niaouli Nutmeg Onion Oregano Palmarosa Palo Santo Paprika Oleoresin Palo Patchouli Peace Penny Royal Perilla Peppermint (like NOW foods) Peru Balsam Pest Shield Petitgrain Pimento Pine Pink Lotus Premium Thieves Protective (like Doterra & Young Living Purification) Ravensara Red Relaxation Renew Restoration Bulgarian Moroccan Rose Geranium Rosemary Rosehip Rosewood Sage Sandalwood Sensation Spearmint Spikenard Spruce Stay Alert Stress Relief (like Eden’s Garden Plant Therapy & Guru) Styrax Benzoin (like Deep Blue OnGuard Diffuser) Sweet Ambiance Sweet Marjoram Sweet Orange Tangerine Tansy Thuja Thyme Tonka Bean Tree Tea Turmeric Valerian Vanilla Vetiver Wintergreen Zedoary and Ylang

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Eminence Organics Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist, 4.2 Ounce

Eminence organics neroli age corrective hydrating mist (4 ounce or 125 ml) benefits for all skin types, especially mature hydrates and renews the skin dramatically tightens and firms the skin provides age-defying protection against skin damaging free-radicals collagen levels are increase by 25% in just 6 days softens wrinkles and crows feet dramatically in 28 days skin appears tighter in as little as 5 minutes features neroli oil hydrates and softens the skin natural retinol alternative complex immediately lifts and tightens coconut milk and water moisturizes, softens and tones the skin carrot supplies vitamin A to the skin phytocelltec Swiss green apple is a rejuvenating plant stem cell concentrate eminence organics is a highly effective, entirely organic skin care line. With all naturally organic ingredients these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients, eminence products will give you immediate results that you will see and feel.

Product Features

  • Calms and hydrates
  • Keeps pores clean and free from dirt
  • Purifies skin and rejuvenates

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Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar 5 Ounces- Pack of Two

For generations, Lemongrass, with it’s strong, sweet, lemony aroma, has been used in purification rituals and to promote psychic awareness. Steam-distilled Madagascan Lemongrass has a strong history of medicinal use in the West Indies, Africa and South America. Tea Tree Oil’s remarkable anti-bacterial healing properties, long used to alleviate skin problems, are a perfect compliment to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Lemongrass. Nubian Heritage uses Madagascan Lemongrass and Aboriginal Tea Tree Oil in a moisturizing shea butter soap to help clear oily and trouble skin. This refreshing deodorant with it’s mild antiseptic and rich moisturizing properties treat and tones skin. In addtion to their tropical healing properties, these exotic essential oils are also reverred for their outstanding aromatherapy value.

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Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil 100% Pure — 4 fl oz (118ml) — Sun Organic

100% Pure, Organic Essential Oil

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Therapeutic Essential Oil, Superior Quality for Aromatherapy, Bath, Massage, Candles, Hair, Stress, Relaxing, and Calming your body. High Quality, comparable to doterra, young living, eden’s garden, plant therapy, plant guru, and now foods.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil of 100% Proven Purity for Professional Aromatherapists Derived Wholly from the Lemongrass Plant. Half Ounce (15 mL)

1000 years of Traditional Chinese AND Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) say this oil is awesome!

Ayurveda says lemongrass oil is great for your joints as a natural inflammation reducer and circulation booster, easing “tennis elbow” and similar joint pain. It will then certainly be lifting your mood with the ever-popular fresh smell of sweet lemons!

Traditional Chinese users say it beats the snot out of sinus infections (sorry!) as its antimicrobial action snuffs out bacteria, fungi and other nasties, which can invade a sniffer made sore from a flu or cold.

We say the long and established history of lemongrass being used in aromatherapy is plenty reason enough to grab a bottle today! Mood-enhancing, spirit-lifting and esteem-boosting, this oil is sourced purely from tightly-controlled lemongrass farms, ensuring the chemical composition remains true to those ancient and highly-prized Indian and Chinese oils.

The aroma is of course similar to normal lemons, and yet far sweeter, earthier and more inviting, without the sour note of the citrus fruit.

90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, because we’re sure you’ll absolutely adore this professional grade essential oil.

Product Features

  • MOST POPULAR FOR LEG CRAMPS AND TENNIS ELBOW by boosting joint circulation and acting as an all-natural antispasmodic
  • SINUS INFECTIONS are another reason your clients will ask for this Best Grade essential oil!
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PURITY by gas liquid chromatography and then a mass spectrometer, ensuring the entire distillation, extraction and bottling production method results in only Best Grade Lemongrass Oil of outstanding purity
  • REFRESHING 90 DAY GUARANTEE! deSensua oils offer such supreme quality that they’re proudly backed with a special 3 MONTH satisfaction guarantee!
  • OUR BEST GRADE OIL, IN OUR BEST PACKAGING. All deSensua Best Grade oils are lovingly presented in a soft black velvet pouch, protecting your photoprotective DAG Vial (Deepest Amber Glass) and its precious contents

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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 8.0 oz Body Cream

Bath & Body Works Body Creams & Body Lotions – Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 8.0 oz Body Cream.

Product Features

  • Bath Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 8.0 oz Body Cream: Bath Body Works Body Creams Body Lotions – Bath Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint 8.0 oz Body Cream.
  • Type: Cream

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One With Nature Eucalyptus Dead Sea Mineral Soap, 7 Ounce Bar

At One With Nature, we are dedicated to crafting only the finest skin care products. Care is taken to design, develop and manufacture our products in harmony with nature and our customer’s needs. We are also committed to preserving the Dead Sea through our partnership with FoEME (Friends of the Earth Middle East). Environmental consciousness is the cornerstone of our business. Our soaps combine genuine Dead Sea minerals, thousands of years in the making, with a pure vegetable base and moisturizing shea butter to provide a truly luxurious cleansing experience. Our soothing bath bars relax muscles, stimulate circulation and restore the skin’s natural pH. Best of all, they are 100% natural. Our eye-catching colors result from a blend of plant and naturally-occurring mineral pigments found in the diverse climate zones of the region. The rich scents come from pure essential oils or other 100% natural sources. More than 1300 feet below sea level, the shores of the Dead Sea mark the world’s lowest elevation and the sight of one of nature’s greatest wonders. Fed by the River Jordan, the Dead Sea’s mineral rich salts and muds have unique therapeutic value, acting to deeply cleanse and tone while restoring the skin’s natural PH. This unique soap combines genuine Dead Sea salts—thousands of years in the making— with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience. Put simply—The Dead Sea is really old, but using this bar of soap will help you and your skin look and feel younger. You just won’t believe it until you try it. Experience the Dead Sea Difference.

Product Features

  • Soothes and smoothes skin with a bright, refreshing scent
  • Tripled milled soap with Argan Oil and Shea Butter
  • Deeply cleanses and tones while restoring the skin?s natural PH
  • Unique soap combines genuine Dead Sea salts with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience
  • Made in Jordan with Dead Sea minerals

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Sinus Relief Through the ESSENTIAL OILS BLEND Contained in Inhale Respiratory Blend – Can Be Used as a Home Remedy to help relieve symptoms of Cold, Flu, Asthma, Allergies, Pneumonia and More – Also Excellent for Massage Oil, Relaxation and Breathing Ingredients include Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Clary Sage. 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Take a Deep Breath… & Then Choose 100% Pure Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend!

Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend penetrates your lungs, suppressing swelling and mucus, opening up airways and allowing for deep breaths. This results in a much better lifestyle and will help you relax and sleep much more peacefully.

Only Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend:

- Contains essential oils that have been used for centuries as a viable healing method
- Helps you sleep better by opening up your airways

You are going to LOVE this respiratory blend!

When it comes to your health, don’t settle for cheap, mass produced alternatives. Reward yourself and your family with Ovvio’s premium respiratory blend. If you are not 100% satisfied at any time, you can simply return it for a no questions asked refund. This is your chance to start breathing easier!

Here are just a few of the many ailments that Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend can help relieve

- Allergies
- Respiratory illness
- Viral infections (respiratory)
- Lung regeneration and repair
- Bronchitis
- Cough
- Congestion
- Sinusitis
- Asthma
- Colds
- Pneumonia

We guarantee 100% quality with no cheap knockoffs. All of the ingredients, which include peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Lavender oil, are hand-selected from the best locations around the globe.

Product Features

  • BREATHE DEEPLY AND EASILY – The essential oils used in Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend have been specially formulated to help cool, dilate, and sooth the respiratory system and make it much easier to breathe! Oils include peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Lavender oil.
  • ENJOY NATURAL BREATHING RELIEF – What you find at the drug store is not always “pure” and “natural”. The fact is that due to lenient standards, mass-produced grades of essential oil do not have to be 100% natural. In fact, they only have to adhere to a 50% ratio to put the word “pure” on the label! We guarantee that Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend is 100% natural. That’s not just something we put on the label – it’s a promise!
  • ONLY PREMIUM OILS HARVESTED AT THE EXACT RIGHT TIME – Believe it or not, essential oils have a very small window for harvesting if they are to ensure peak performance. We hand-select farmers who understand this and are adamant about when they harvest their plants.
  • NO PESTICIDES OR CHEMICALS. We are happy to be able to say that all of the oils used in Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend are grown using no pesticides or other chemicals. They are 100% organically grown and harvested. One of the biggest problems with mass produced inhalants is that they cannot guarantee 100% pure oils. So they tend to be littered with harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your long-term health.
  • SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEED, NO HASSLE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN IF YOU AREN’T HAPPY. Ovvio Oils Inhale Respiratory Blend is created by using only the purest and highest quality essential oils in the world. We are very diligent in our search for the best locations, which is one of the qualities that set us apart from other oil manufacturers. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

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Essential Oils: For Beginners Essential Oil Secrets and Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less (Essential Oils, Essential Oils For Beginners, Essential Oils Recipes, … oil books, Essential oils aromatherapy)

Discover What are Essential Oils, Their Secrets And Recipes!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover amazing truth about essential oils! Inside this guide you will find secret recipes for different essential oil blends and their potential spiritual uses. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some decent experience with essential oils, this book will provide valuable insights and recipes to take your use of essential oils to the next level. For benefits as wide reaching as relaxation, stress-relief, disease treatment and headache reduction, essential oils can help boost your life and happiness today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What are Essential Oils
  • What are The Dangers of Essential Oils
  • What are Essential Oil Uses and Applications
  • Plant Based Essential Oil Recipes
  • Homemade Tea Tree Essential Oil Recipes
  • How You Can Blend Essential Oils and Achieve the Secret Blends
  • Much, much more!

Take action right away to find out what are essential oils, essential oil blends and their potential spiritual uses by downloading “Essential Oils: For Beginners”

Download and Discover Essential Oil Secrets!

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Starter Set 14 Gift Pack 100% Pure Essential Oils – Great for Aromatherapy

A great starter set. Set comes with a total of 14 10 ml bottle. One each of Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, Tangerine and Tea Tree

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Essential Oils – no fillers, additives, bases or carriers added
  • All essential oils are packaged in dark amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap.
  • Set comes in a gift boxed wrapped with ribbon ready to give!
  • Uses: Aromatherapy, Custom Massage and Body Oils, Vaporizer, Diffusion, Oil Burner, Inhalation, Compress, Perfume, Blends, Spa and Home Care, Cleaning Products

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