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Thyme Essential Oil From Majestic Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Pure and Natural, 4 fl. oz.

Thyme essential strengthens the nerves, aids memory and concentration, can help with the feeling of exhaustion and combats depression. Thyme oil is beneficial to boost the immune system and can help fight colds, flu, infectious diseases and chills. The warming effect of this oil can help in cases of poor circulation, as well as for arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscular aches and pains. The Majestic Pure Thyme leaf Oil is 100% Pure and Natural. it is extracted from the fresh or partly dried flowering tops and leaves of the plant by water or steam distillation. Our oils are by far the most effective on the market. Click the Button at the Top of this Page to Buy with Confidence.

[FDA Statement]: These Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality Thyme Essential Oil; 100% Pure And Natural; Non-Toxic, No Additives, Unfiltered and Undiluted with no Fillers. Therapeutic Grade. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Packaged in the USA
  • In aromatherapy, thyme oil can help with concentration, focus, coughs, respiratory problems, sinusitis, mucus congestion and muscular aches and pains
  • Diluted as a mouthwash or as a gargle, thyme oil can help with gum infections. It could also help with animal bites and boils
  • Large 4 ounce and premium quality glass dropper inside each bottle for ease-of-use
  • Purchase with complete peace of mind, we are confident we have developed the absolute best Thyme Essential Oil available. If you are not completely satisfied with Majestic Pure Thyme Oil, we will refund your entire purchase

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Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto) from Bulgarian Rose – 100% PURE Rosa Damascena- 5ml (1/6oz) – Undiluted, No solvent

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS TM Rose Essential Oil is steam distilled (without use of any chemical solvents) from fresh whole Damascus Rose flower tops (Rosa Damascena) and is composed of hundreds of components, with high content of petal oil (Otto). Why Damascus Roses? It is because they are the most fragrant ones and are believed to be the original roses with strongest aroma and highest oil content. The use of the rose is far and varied. It has a long history in its use in folk remedies, especially in the area of skincare. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries. Rosees are an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. They also contain bioflavonoids, citric acid, flavonoids, fructose, malic acid, tannins and zinc. It is an especially good source of vitamin C. The rose also offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional /psychological state of mind. Comes in a glass bottle with dropper. This oil will not solidify at colder temperatures. Should not be used during pregnancy.

Product Features

  • HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS TM Rose Essential Oil is steam distilled (without use of any chemical solvents) from fresh whole Damascus Rose flower tops (Rosa Damascena) and is composed of hundreds of components, with high content of petal oil (Otto).
  • Rosees are an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. They also contain bioflavonoids, citric acid, flavonoids, fructose, malic acid, tannins and zinc. It is an especially good source of vitamin C.
  • The rose also offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional /psychological state of mind.
  • Comes in a glass bottle with euro dropper.
  • Why Damascus Roses? It is because they are the most fragrant ones and are believed to be the original roses with strongest aroma and highest oil content. The use of the rose is far and varied. It has a long history in its use in folk remedies, especially in the area of skincare. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil Pure Therapeutic Grade 5ml By Agromusk

Rose Otto Essential Oil is one of the most efficient oil and is obtained by Steam distillation. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it finds its usage in most of the crèmes like moisturizing day cream. The presence of active ingredients makes it a constituent of soaps, toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes. Uses:

The antidepressant, anti-infectious, laxative, antiseptic, antiviral, choleretic, astringent, bactericidal, aphrodisiac, hemostatic and anti-phlogistic properties of the oil lead to its wide usage.

The oil helps in regulating the appetite resulting in a tonic (stomach, heart, uterus, liver), sedative (nervous), and stomachic.

Product Features

  • Botanical name: Rosa damascena
  • Common Names: Rose Otto Essential Oil
  • Blends With: Bergamot, Geranium, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Chamomile Roman, Lemon, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang
  • Constituents: Geraniol, Citronellol, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol

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Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support Dropper, 10 ppm, 4 oz(118ml)

“Colloidal silver” has been used since the late 1800′s in countless applications, and encompasses a wide variety of silver products. Many contain (claimed or unclaimed) salts, proteins, compounds or stabilizers, all of which affect the safety and efficacy of silver. Bio-active silver hydrosol represents the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category. It contains 98% positively charged silver, in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Our unique silver species, with a verified and unmatched particle size, remains in its most active state for use within the body. Keep the following in mind when selecting a silver product, so you choose on that is safe & effective: 1. The EPA has an established daily reference dose (RFD) for silver of 350 micrograms of silver . Many brands don’t readily share this information because they know that their products far exceed this amount by upwards of 400% in one dose. It is safe to take 1 tsp of sovereign silver 7x/day for 70 years and still be within the EPA RFD. However, you can only take 1/4 tsp (of the 1 tsp daily dose) of a competitor’s 250 ppm product before you reach the RFD. Less is certainly more in this case. 2. Active concentration matters, not total concentration: Small particle size yields greater surface area, which through oxidation creates more positively charged silver. The larger the particle, the greater the amount of waste that your body must figure out how to excrete. It’s this excess silver that can be toxic and potentially cause side effect such as argyria, a benign condition that turns the skin blue. Think of it like trying to get rocks through an hourglass compared to sand. Sovereign silver’s unprecedented small particle size makes it easy for the body to absorb and excrete. Natural Immunogenic is an NSF certified GMP (good manufacturing process) manufacturer.

Product Features

  • Sovereign silver is the 1 selling silver supplement in north America for immune support
  • Start positive: sovereign silver contains 98% positively charge silver
  • Size matters: the smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the body to absorb and eliminate
  • Be safe: our tiny particle size yields greater surface area, making our 10 ppm product more effective than competing brands containing up to 500 ppm
  • Embrace purity: sovereign silver has only two ingredients: 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water

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Mystic Moments German Chamomile Hydrosol Floral Water With Spray Cap – 125Ml

German chamomile hydrosol floral water with spray cap – 125ml. botanical name: matricaria recutita. a favourite amongst our many customers this floral water has a very pleasant and attractive aroma. Due to its continued popularity with many of our customers this water now sits firmly as one of the favourites. Harvested flowers are distilled and the water collected during this period, one of the first crops to be distilled during the year usually around mid to end of june.. description: our floral waters are free of emulsifying agents and preservatives. These waters are extremely versatile. They can be used in the manufacturing process anywhere that water is required.uses: hydrosols make great toners and cleansers. They are also often used for the treatment of spots, sores, cuts, grazes and new piercings. They are an excellent linen spray, and a simple way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Add to a soothing hot bath.

Product Features

  • German chamomile hydrosol floral water 125ml
  • Spray cap bottle
  • Matricaria recutita
  • Linen spray
  • Toner/cleanser

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Sandalwood Beard Oil Conditioner & Softener. Pure, Organic & Natural Made in the U.S.A. Best Premium Beard Oil for Mustache and Beard Growth as well as Skin Conditioner for Men. The Gentlemen’s Beard

Do this – as soon as you get your Gentlemen’s Beard Sandalwood Premium Beard Oil… put it to the test! You can either dampen your beard or go in dry. Unscrew the dropper top and place a few drops in your hand.

Then rub it in!

Let it set for a few minutes. Enjoy the pleasant Sandalwood Scent. In addition to being 100% natural and organic, this beard oil has a nice Sandalwood Scent for those special occasions.

Now you’ll probably notice that even after a few minutes of letting it soak in… your beard just feels better. After just a few days of usage, have your spouse, friend and random stranger run their fingers through your beard.

The texture of your now enhanced beard is incredible. Plus it conditions, tames and diminishes that “itchiness” that some of us get when a fresh beard grows in.

Have “bearddruff”? How about after using the Gentlemen’s beard oil? Say peace to that!

One bottle lasts a few months unless you’re sporting a grizzly adams beard.

See for yourself. Order now. Consider getting two bottles to give one to your best bearded friend.

Product Features

  • You asked for it, we now have add Sandalwood Beard Oil to our Premium Beard Oil Line. This new Beard Oil is handcrafted in the USA with the benefits of Sunflower seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Argan seed oil, Evening Primrose seed oil, Vitamin E & Sandalwood Oil! No fillers,, additives, parabens or GMOs. Just a pleasant Sandalwood Scent. This Product has not been tested on animals.
  • The Gentlemen’s Beard Sandalwood Beard Oil Conditioner & Softener with Vitamin E will Keep Your Beard Healthy, Groomed and Tamed Naturally. This Natural Beard Oil will Moisturizes your Beard Hair and Skin, Eliminate Itching and Dandruff (Beard-druff) for a kissable and respectable beard. No more irritation or flakes!
  • Super easy to use – either dampen your beard or apply dry. Best used after showering. Just a few drops a day (glass dropper included!) is all it takes. Drop onto your hand then rub into your beard. Simple as that! Use daily for the best beard effect. Don’t settle for second best, whether you have a new beard or a Rip Van Winkle, The Gentlemen’s Beard Sandalwood Premium Beard Oil & Conditioner will have you looking your best. Enjoy the attention you deserve.
  • Warning! Don’t settle for other cheap lubricants oils and moisturizers that are labeled with lesser fillers. A bearded man practices great beard grooming. Let the premium beard oil soak in to treat and calm dry, coarse, unruly, wild beard hair. Ideal for when you are growing your beard out. It will calm your under-beard skin and moisturize your beard for for a neater groomed beard look.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! – Our dark amber ounce glass bottle extends the shelf life by protecting the oils from UV light rays and oxidation. Pure natural oils not packaged in dark bottles will lose potency and become non effective. Guaranteed to give you the best beard experience or your money back. The Gentlemen’s Beard All Natural & Organic Beard Oil Comes with a NO Questions Asked 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and the best customer service. Give us a try, we take all the risk, so Order now and see for yourself!

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Cellulite Cream & Muscle Relaxation Cream HUGE 8.8oz, 100% Natural 87% Organic – Anti Cellulite Cream Treatment Hot Gel, Firms Skin, Slims & Reduces Fat Appearance – Muscle Rub Cream, Muscle Massager

Soothing Cream that Reduces Cellulite and Relaxes Muscles!

As we age, our bodies don’t always look and feel the way they used to. For most of us, cellulite plagues the stomach and thighs – an unflattering problem that can be difficult to get rid of. As if that weren’t enough, muscle aches and pains seem to pop up more frequently than ever.

With Anti-Cellulite and Muscle Pain Cream from Pure Body Naturals, you get a two-in-one treatment for your body’s biggest problems! First, it tackles bumpy cellulite by addressing poor blood circulation, one of the leading causes of rippling skin. Juniper and Sweet Basil jumpstart circulation, burning away unwanted fat cells. Rosemary and Cinnamon Oil then firm and tighten skin for a toned, smooth appearance! Struggling with muscle pain or stiffness? Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, Pine and Peppermint Oil help soothe aches while Eucalyptus and Chamomile relieve even the toughest pains. Or, if you’re in need of a quick de-stressor, Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass, and Pink Grapefruit make this a fantastic massage cream. They nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins while Aloe offers a deep hydration!

Why Choose Anti-Cellulite and Muscle Relaxation Cream?

    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

    • Firms and tones the skin.

    • Relieves muscle pain.

    • Works as a relaxing massage cream.

    • Made with natural and organic ingredients.

Try Risk-Free Today with Our Lifetime Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Product Features

  • Soothe Tight Muscles: Looking for a quick and easy back pain treatment or natural pain reliever? This potent cream doubles as an effective muscle relaxant as it soothes soreness and eases pain! Our expert blend features powerhouse oils likePine and Peppermint, which naturally reduce inflammation and alleviate aches. Eucalyptus and Chamomile provide almost instant relief, making this a great go-to treatment following an intense workout session.
  • Cellulite: Remover: Rippling skin on the legs and stomach is an embarrassing problem everyone faces, but no one wants to talk about. Thankfully, cellulite removal isn’t as difficult as you may think! Our incredible Anti Cellulite Cream offers fast, in-home results. All-natural ingredients like Juniper and Sweet Basil improve blood circulation, burning fatty deposits and strengthening connective tissue. Rosemary and Cinnamon Oil work to tighten and firm the skin, giving you a smooth, youthful appearance!
  • Luxurious Massage Cream: After a long, stressful day, nothing would be better than a deep massage – but who has time to go to the spa? With this rich, luscious cream by Pure Body Naturals, you can bring the spa home! Indulgent ingredients like Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass, and Pink Grapefruit provide your skin with a boost of nutrients, antioxidants, and Vitamins A and C. Aloe Extract also locks in moisture, giving you supple, hydrated skin!
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients: Most creams and skin treatments are loaded with synthetic chemicals that come with harsh odors and burn the skin. But at Pure Body Naturals, we keep natural and organic ingredients at the core of all of our formulas! This cream is fast absorbing and safe for users of all skin types, allowing us to offer stunning results to everyone. With a fresh, minty aroma, this is one treatment your skin will thank you for!
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’re proud of the fact that this cream offers fast, effective, in-home results. We’re so confident that this is the best cellulite cream available, we’re offering it to you today with our risk-free guarantee. If you don’t see a reduction in your cellulite or are still suffering from muscle pain, simply let us know and we’ll refund your order with our money-back guarantee. With no questions asked, what do you have to lose?

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Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil. 10 ml (1/3 oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.

Certified Organics: This Certified Organic Oil is QAI Certified. * Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citrates * Plant Part: Leaves * Extraction Method: Steam Distilled * Origin: India * Description: Lemongrass is a fast growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass that grows up to 1.5 metres (4 feet) in height. It is native to Asia, but is now cultivated mostly in the West Indies, Africa, and Tropical Asia. * Color: Yellow to brownish yellow liquid. * Common Uses: Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil is known for its invigorating and antiseptic properties. It can be used in facial toners as its astringent properties help fight acne and greasy skin. An excellent anti-depressant, Lemongrass Essential Oil tones and fortifies the nervous system and can be used in bath for soothing muscular nerves and pain. Lemongrass shares similar properties with citronella and has a great reputation for keeping insects away. * Consistency: Thin * Note: Top * Strength of Aroma: Strong * Blends well with: Pine, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Cedarwood and Lemon. * Aromatic Scent: Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil has a fresh earthy, citrusy scent. * History: Traditional Indian medicine has used Lemongrass Essential Oil to treat infectious illness and fever. * Cautions: Avoid in glaucoma and with children. Use caution in prostatic hyperplasia and with skin hypersensitivity or damaged skin. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Product Features

  • Botanical Name: Cymbopogon flexuosus
  • Aromatic Scent: Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil has a fresh earthy, citrusy scent
  • 100% Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- no fillers, additives, bases or carriers added
  • Have Questions? Message one of our Certified Aromatherapist through Amazon messages
  • At Plant Therapy we also have some other selections you may be interested in. Includes: Organic Oils- Cajeput, Cedarwood, Citronella, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus (Lemon), Eucalyptus Globulus, Frankincense serrata, Lavender, Lavender Population, Lemon, Lemongrass, Niaouli, Orange (Sweet), Oregano, Peppermint Japanese, Rosemary, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Wintergreen

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Lemongrass Essential Oil 4 OZ – UpNature – 100% Pure & Natural, Premium Therapeutic Aromatherapy Grade – With Glass Dropper – Large Bottle – Undiluted & Unfiltered – Reduce Fever – Sooth Sore Muscles

Are You Ready To Start Using This Powerful Lemongrass Essential Oil To Enhance Your Health & Well Being?

By Using Lemongrass Essential Oil You Can Directly Enjoy The Following Health Benefits

✔ Reduce Fever: Lemongrass Essential Oil has unique properties that may help bring down very high fever, especially when the fever is really high & getting close to dangerous levels.

✔ Kill Infections: Lemongrass Essential Oil can help kill both internal and external bacterial and fungal infections, such as ringworm and athlete’s foot.

✔ Improve Hair Health: Lemongrass Essential Oil can help you with your hair. If you’re struggling with hair loss, oily hair, and any other scalp conditions.

✔ Reduce Inflammation: Lemongrass Essential Oil helps relieve pain in muscles and joints, making it very suitable for massage therapy.

✔ Antidepressant: Lemongrass Essential Oil may boost your self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, and it may uplift your spirit and help fighting depression.

✔ Natural Deodorant: Lemongrass Essential Oil has an amazing smell. It is far better than many of the synthetic deodorants on the market, that are a big expense, and not good for your skin.

✔ Natural Insect Repellent: Lemongrass Essential Oil kills insects and also keeps them away.

100% Money Back Guarantee

“We’re so confident that you’ll love our Lemongrass essential oil, that we’re even willing to offer a no questions asked, 100% one year (365 days) money back guarantee. We will pay for the shipping back as well.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click the “Add To Cart” button on this page now and get your Lemongrass essential oil shipped to you immediately.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL: 100% Pure, Gentle and Effective Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil. Without Any Toxins, No Additives, Unfiltered and Undiluted. Therapeutic Grade. Packaged in the USA.
  • REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION IN MUSCLES & JOINTS: Lemongrass Essential Oil may help in in relieving spasms, muscle cramps, sprains, and back aches as well as sore muscles due to its analgesic properties.
  • NATURAL MOOD ENHANCING, REFRESHING AND ENERGIZING FEELING WITH EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE. It’s the best healing alternative to common medicines and in most cases it works faster while having the double effect of preventing the common colds in the first place.
  • YOU DESERVE THE BEST FROM UPNATURE – UpNature was founded by two brothers, with a vision to provide 100% all natural products, for easy, effective & natural solutions for health & well-being, so everybody can live happier and healthier lives.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Purchase with complete peace of mind. We offer a full 100% 365 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Up Nature Lemongrass Oil, we will refund your entire purchase.

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Rose (Bulgarian) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Absolute Oil by Edens Garden- 5 ml

A small prickly shrub with fragrant blossoms, Rose can be made into an absolute and an essential oil, depending on how it is extracted. Native to Western Asia and Europe, Bulgarian Rose began to be cultivated in Bulgaria in the 1600′s. It is currently produced in a variety of countries including Bulgaria, France, Italy, and China. The history of Rose goes back centuries, and the name comes from a Greek word meaning “red.” Chinese, Romans, Assyrians, and Babylonians prized the Rose for its healing properties. The Romans in particular liked to add rose petals to their bathwater. To retain as much oil as possible, blossoms are harvested in the early morning when oil content is at its highest. These blossoms are transported to the distillery promptly, where it is distilled in a two-stages to extract as much of the oils as possible. It is said to take as much as 2 tons of rose petals to produce a pound of Rose essential oil. A more affordable version of the essential oil, is an absolute which is what we sell. Absolutes are created by immersing blossoms into a solvent, a way to “dry clean” the plant. This produces a more complete plant extract. Some traces of solvent may remain in the final product, and must be properly diluted before use. BOTANICAL NAME: Rosa damascena ORIGIN: Bulgaria EXTRACTION METHOD: Solvent Extraction PLANT PART: Flowers NOTE: Middle – Base FAMILY: Rosaceae SYNONYM: Rose Otto, Turkish Rose BLENDS WELL WITH: Lavender, and other florals; Frankincense, and other resins AROMA: Rich, sweet, and flowery, such as a true Rose aroma CONSISTENCY: Thick COLOR: Orangish – Red **Euro droppers are not included with 100 & 250 ml bottles** SAFETY: Dilute to 0.6% when using topically SHELF LIFE: 4 Years

Product Features

  • Each oil is available in 5, 10, 30, 100 and 250 ml- packaged in amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap. Each order includes our 150 Ways to Use Essential Oils brochure. For more details about this product, see Product Description section below.
  • Each oil is GC/MS tested to ensure 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality. Reports and comments posted on direct website. No pesticides, herbicides, GMO or additives. All oils stored in temperature controlled rooms, with minimal light, to ensure therapeutic properties are not compromised.
  • Highest quality and affordable prices. We do not sell wholesale or to stores, but offer top quality essential oils at the best price, direct to our loyal customers. We ship promptly from our garden to your home, which means product never sits on shelves. We control the freshness and quality of each product.
  • We are one of the top 250 US sellers on (ranked 178 out of around 2 million sellers), with a consistent customer service feedback rating of 100%. Edens Garden is women owned and operated. 10% of all proceeds are donated to a variety of organizations.
  • We offer 164 oils- Age Defy (Immortelle), Align (Valor), Allspice, Amyris, Angelica Root, Anise Star, Anxiety Ease, Aphrodisiac, Arborvitae, Aromance, Balance, Basil, Bay, Bergamot, Birch, Black Pepper, Blood Orange, Blue Tansy, Breathe Easier, Buddha Wood, Cajeput, Camphor, Caraway, Cardamom, Carrot Seed, Cassia, Cedarwood-Atlas & Himalayan, Celery Seed, Cellulite, Chamomile-German & Roman, Cilantro, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf, Cistus, Citronella, Clary Sage, Cleaning, Clementine, Clove, Cocoa, Coffee, Cognac, Copaiba, Coriander, Cumin, Cypress, Cypriol, Davana, Digest Ease (DigestZen/Di-Gize), Dill Weed, Earth & Wood, Elemi, Energy Boost, Eucalyptus-Globulus & Radiata, Exhale (Breathe/Raven), Fennel, Fir Balsam, Forthaves (OnGuard/Thieves), Frankincense-Carterii, Frereana & Serrata, Frankincense & Myrrh, Galbanum, Geranium, Ginger, Goldenrod, Good Night (Serenity/Peace & Calming), Grapefruit, Harmony, Head Ease (PastTense/M-Grain), Helichrysum, Hope, Hyssop, Immunity, Jasmine, Joy, Juniper Berry, Key Lime, Laurel Leaf, Lavender-Bulgarian, French & Spike, Ledum, Lemon, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass, Lime, Litsea, Love, Mandarin, Meditation, Melissa, Mountain Savory, Muhuhu, Muscle Relief (Deep Blue/Panaway), Myrrh, Myrtle, Neroli, Nerolina, Niaouli, Nutmeg, Opoponax, Oregano, Palmarosa, Palo Santo, Parsley, Patchouli, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, Peru Balsam, Pest Defy, Petitgrain, Pine, Plai, PMS Ease (Clary Calm/Dragon Time), Purify, Quiet Time, Ravensara, Ravintsara, Relaxation, Respiratory Ease, Root Beer, Rose-Bulgarian & Moroccan, Rose Geranium, Rosemary-Moroccan & Spanish, Rosewood, Sage, Sandalwood-Australian & East Indian, Simply Citrus, Sleep Ease, Spearmint, Spikenard, Spring Garden, Spruce, Stay Alert, Stress Relief, Sunshine Spice, Sweet Ambiance, Sweet Marjoram, Sweet Orange, Tagetes, Tangerine, Tarragon, Tea Tree, Thyme, Turmeric, Uplift, Valerian, Vanilla, Verbena, Vetiver, White Fir, Wild Orange, Wintergreen, Yarrow & Ylang Ylang

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