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The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine that involves the physical manipulation of the muscles to relieve tension and stress. This specialized treatment is often used as part of physical therapy regimes and is also effective in relieving and preventing several other serious medical conditions.

Massage therapy has been [...]

Use Organic Essential Oils for Massage and Aromatherapy

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Organic essential oils are the pure extracts of plants that offer the full scent and taste of the plant. Organic essential oils may be taken from the flower, leaf, seed, fruit, root or bark of a plant, depending on the plant variety.  These concentrated oils are used for massage as well [...]

Say Goodbye Cellulite with Essential Oils

By Rebecca Noel

We are well into summer now and swimsuit season is in full swing. One of the major concerns for practically every woman during swimsuit season is the dreaded C word…cellulite…that lumpy, dimpled, orange-peel texture that seems to target skin on thighs, bottom and backs of arms and is the shame and embarrassment of [...]

Essential Oils Tips

By Juliet Cohen

Essential indicates that the oil carries distinctive scent of the plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation. Other processes include expression or solvent extraction.

Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. There are instances when experienced [...]

Making Beautiful Music For Your Nose With Essential Oil Recipes

By Rohit Chopra

There are a lot of benefits to aromatherapy. Perhaps you want to help heal minor problems. Perhaps you want a sensual massage. Perhaps you need to calm down or wake up. Or perhaps you want to smell something pleasing.

Whatever your reason, you will soon discover that your nose [...]