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Windfall was created by a group of earthy, tree-hugging health-nuts who believe that the most effective and luxurious solutions for your mind and body are born of nature’s simplest gifts. Thus they borrowed the freshest ingredients from Mother Nature, combined them with the most crisp herbal fragrances, and packaged them in an eco-friendly pyramid designed exclusively for beautiful young women.

We utilizie hemp seed oil as the key ingredient in each special potion in order to deliver your skin the pampering it deserves. Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, which contain some of the most balanced and richest oils on the planet. The oil doubles as a natural moisturizer and is also rich in vitamin D, which is a key ingredient necessary to help achieve a soft, hydrated complexion.

In other words, it’s a mighty windfall for your skin.

(product list)

DETOXIFY Grapefruit Bath Salts
Our powerful grapefruit bath salts deliver a soothing blast of fragrance to detoxify the body, mind and senses after a long week of stress and work. Known for its innate antiseptic purposes, grapefruit also serves as an antiviral and diuretic, and also aids the digestive system and skin. It’s sweet, citrusy aroma refreshes the mind, relieves anxiety and helps disperse the negative energy stored in the body throughout the week.

CLARIFY Neem Facial Mask
Our rich face mask combines the purifying Ayurvedic benefits of neem oil with the nourishing aroma of eucalyptus oil to provide you with a mind-blowing, in-house spa experience. In addition to meeting with great success in treating skin infections, eucalyptus oil, which is stimulating like peppermint, relieves exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirit. Simultaneously, the neem oil helps to purify skin and prevent bacteria-caused acne, as well as to significantly diminish dark spots caused by exisiting acne scars.

DESTRESS Lavender Make-up Wipes
Wipe the day off your face and prepare for a stress-free slumber with our soothing make-up wipes, derived from the essence of lavender. Proven to promote deep sleep in women as well as feeling of contentment, these wipes allow you to simultaneously combat unruly acne from make-up residue and insomnia from the stress of the day’s events.

ENERGIZE Peppermint Body Lotion
Our body lotion is born from one of the most popular aromas in the world – peppermint. Known for its ability to enhance memory and alertness, the peppermint oil serves to penetrate your body with a layer of cooling remedies so that you feel ready to conquer the rest of the day. Slather on a generous amount and take in the perky scent of pepperment – this works as the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when senses are feeling tired and drained of energy.

RELIEVE Rosemary Facial Mist
Our relieving rosemary facial mist is the perfect solution for the mid-day hump. This toning spritzer is derived from the brilliant essence of rosemary, which is proven to improve performance, reduce stress, and promote feelings of contentment. So not only does it help refresh your make-up after lunch, but it simultaneously helps relieve stress and anxiety from the pressures of the day.

REVITALIZE Mandarin Face Serum
Our brilliant, lightweight face serum combines the extraordinary repairing power of turmeric and the revitalizing aroma of mandarin oil to deliver a gentle yet highly concentrated solution for tired and damaged skin. While the turmeric works to brighten, tighten and refine your skin, the tangy, sweet aroma of mandarin serves to reawaken your senses and prepare you for the hours to come. (Can be applied day or night).

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