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the statue and the curious cat

Karl-Marx-Hof is one of the best-known Gemeindebauten (municipal tenement complexes) in Vienna, situated in Heiligenstadt, a neighbourhood of the 19th district of Vienna, Döbling.
Karl-Marx-Hof was built between 1927 and 1930 by city planner Karl Ehn, a follower of Otto Wagner. It held 1,382 apartments (with a size of 30-60 m² each) and was called the Ringstraße des Proletariats, or the Ring Street of the Proletariat. Only 18.5% of the 1,000 metres long, 156,000-m² large area was built up, with the rest of the area developed into play areas and gardens. Designed for a population of about 5000, the premises include many amenities, including laundromats, baths, kindergartens, a library, doctor offices, and business offices. Though color range isn’t quite Miami Beach pastellic, the design variety of this housing program’s buildings is quite an experience both socially and aesthetically.

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