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SHAMPOO BAR — All Natural Organic Vegan Soap — with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rhassoul Clay and Rosemary/Lavender/Patchouli Essential Oils

These all natural shampoo bars are hard and long lasting and create a stable bubbly lather. Suitable for men and women, for oily and normal hair.

Rhassoul clay has the following main advantages:
~ Completely non-irritating to skin and scalp
~ Cleans skin and hair without removing all of its protective sebum
~ Leaves hair soft and shiny and enhances its volume
~ Gradually reduces the need for frequent hair washing
~ Removes dandruff and eases problems of excessively oily hair

It is a 100% vegan solid shampoo made with a blend of the following ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic avocado oil, organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E, rhassoul clay, water, essential oils: rosemary, lavender and patchouli, sodium hydroxide.

Aprox weight of each soap is 110 grams (3.9 oz). Vegetarians and vegans friendly.

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