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S&B La-Yu chili oil – Momotaro Rahmen

S&B La-Yu chili oil – Momotaro Rahmen

Hot soupy noodles is perfect for a cold Winter’s day, and what better soup than Momotaro Rahmen. Still, today’s soup was a bit too milky, as if there was milk added. I still miss the fried garlic flavour though :)

We also got some of the specials. The takoyaki was a bit disappointing, but we did like the sauce it came in. The gyoza weren’t bad, but the fusion thing was a bit jarring at first, but we came to like it. The gyoza pastry had bits of lemongrass and coriander with was quite a nice touch too. The juicy prawn and chicken was quite a good match, and the chickpeas provided an added texture.

Momotaro Rahmen
392 Bridge Rd Richmond 3121
(03) 9421 1661

- Use your noodle, Thomas Hunter, Epicure, The Age, July 3, 2004
- Momotaro Rahmen – Mietta’s

- Today’s Special menu
- S&B La-Yu chili oil
- Awards
- Takoyaki wiith mushroom and soy
- Chicken and prawn gyoza wiith chickpea, lemongrass and coriander
- Tonkotsu Rahmen

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