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Flowers of Santalum album from Santalaceae. The heartwood of Sandalwood is used prepare an oil which is used for its medicinal properties in many countries especially in Asia.

4 comments to Sandalwood

  • snonymous7

    I did not know there was a sandalwood tree at Kamla Nehru park. One learns something new everyday!

    If you go to Munnar in Kerala, do visit the sandalwood forests at Marayur and Chinnar.

  • jayesh912

    The tree is not exactly in Kamala Nehru Park. Its in the park in front of it. In that park also, you will have to the extreme left and see below the edge. There are two chandan plants near a Lagerstroemia speciosa (which was in full bloom when we went). If you go through the pergola, just when when it ends, look down from the left edge.

    Don’t tempt me with new places. It is difficult to visit near by places, let alone in different states :P

  • snonymous7

    Just out of curiosity, were these sandalwood trees fenced off or protected in any way? In Karnataka and AP they construct guards around the trees to prevent poaching which is apparently rampant. See here:

    Even at Maraiyur near Munnar the natural sandalwood forest had fencing along the road.

  • jayesh912

    Nope, it was not protected in any way, though I guess its location itself protects it because I doubt anyone knows has seen it as technically it is not in the garden.

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