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Quail Dumpling in Aromatic Soup

Since the teams couldn’t use prepared stock from the pantry, they had to make their own from scratch. During the competition we saw a chicken breast being pulled out and a bunch of quail carcasses being tossed in a pot. It appeared that Sean made a quick stock, and reduced what he could with five spice, and other aromatics. At the end he drizzled almond oil and scatted chives and baby sprouts to give colour to the soup that had a pair of quail meat filled dumplings. I have to confess, the soup was a little too mild for me, where the almond oil was a nice surprise, but almost too much (i.e. a little too sweet, without tasting sweet), the dumpling was nicely seasoned with sesame oil, etc., but I found that it was uniform in texture (i.e. if wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots, or even water chestnut chunks were added in… it would be like "sui gauw" but using quail meat – and a lot tastier). The dumpling wrapper was more suitable for pan fried dumplings vs. thin wontons (which is what this reminded me of). Chef Monfaredi did comment that this was her favourite course of the whole set from George and Sean, although I found it work in progress. Taste is incredibly subjective! :)

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