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metal all cleaned

i rubbed this baby all day long. next session will be rewiring

3 comments to metal all cleaned

  • Antonio Landi

    Hi Lara, just yesterday I’ve bought this object and I would know some informations about it (if you want…). where Should I insert water? Directly in the boiler or in the little cap on the base (as I can read on Base Istruction of Alambiccus)?How much water should I put in?
    How long does it take to produse first steam? I waited 15 minutes since I start process.
    Have you a book of recipes or some recipes for oil essential production that you can e-mail me.
    Sorry I’m desperate ’cause I would starting but I can’t…can you help me?
    Thanks a lot for helping!!

  • sarah.han

    Would you be interested in selling this? If so please let me know!

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