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Melaleuca – ‘Snow in Summer’

Tree to 10m- white flowers in fluffy spike.

Melaleucas (paperbark or tea-trees) give me a bad time. I found some species very similar, so difficult to ID, and a lot of confusion in Web and with common names.

These small tree is Melaleuca linariifolia as I think. (Though the flowering period is not fully match)

It has a similar flower structure like M. alternifolia (famous one as the source of tea-tree oil ). However, as an expert told me, M. alternifolia has narrower leaves that are mostly alternate, whereas leaves of M. linariifolia are mostly opposite-paired, as I can see on this tree. Also I think M. alternifolia is smaller – up to 3m only.

Sorry, I had to use flash for this shot, as it was late evening.

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