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Lemongrass Shampoo Bars & Hanging soap box with drying mesh

Well I always wanted to learn how to make soap. For my first attempt, I made a lemongrass-scented shampoo bar with a recipe from Also pictured is my latest design for the soap tote, designed with thicker, larger soap bars in mind.

My goals for soapmaking are twofold. One is to have soap to sell along with my soap totes. I think that would make a neat, all-in-one gift. Just add a bow! Plus the "packaging" is reusable after the soap is used up.

Another is to learn how to make a soaps and shampoo bars suitable for use on the guaifenesin protocol. Standard soapmaking oils have to be changed to ones that don’t have salicylates, as they are absorbed through the skin, blocking the effectiveness of the guaifenesin. I was bored with the soap options available to me and decided to learn how to make soap.

I had some bloopers with my first batch of soap. My soap got stuck in the PVC pipe mold, but released a day later. Overall it was a success.

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