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laying the herbs

3 comments to laying the herbs

  • photo3golfer

    Us novices need more explination as to what you are showing us. I am sure if I understood more I would be facinated. By the way your pictures are very good. You do a good job of isolating your subject, not always easy.

  • latisha (herbmother)

    oh this picture is terrible!!! i took like 100 of them. i really needed an example of this for the tutorial. but i can’t ever get them very good under my stove. no natural light there at all. no windows. and i dont have a fancy flash yet. i should have just pulled it off the stove now that im thinking about it…..hmmmm got me thinking for next time.

    okay so you caught me. i use flikr to house the photos that will eventually show up on my blog to avoid space issues with the hosting site for my blog. sometimes i dont get around to the blog post right away so its like a teaser. but i appreciate your interest!

  • photo3golfer

    Try taking a white pillow case and using it to reflect light from the window, or put it over your pop up flash to diffuse the light and use it as fill in.

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