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Lap-of-luxury in the face of parsimony

What with losing my job, the meagerness of funds especially right after the holidays and the general grayness and darkness of January, what is there to uplift my spirits?

Well, one thing that helps me feel better is this little essential oil burner. One of our kids gave it to us for Christmas a year ago … and oh, how we have used it! It is two pieces, the bowl on top and the base which holds a tealight for heat. Made of some stone, perhaps alabaster(?), it is rather translucent.

Whether we’re burning peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, lavender or some combination of oils, it puts out the loveliest fragrances …. and it costs us virtually nothing; essential oils (which we had in the cupboard anyway) and cheap little tealights.

Who could imagine that such a simple thing could give me such pleasure?

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