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Lafitte 1815 – Gentlemen’s Olive Oil SOap with Cocoa Butter & Activated Charcoal

With a reputation like a black stain complimented by the unsavory characters held under his command, Jean Lafitte has been forever honored as the hero of New Orleans.

Ladies swoon over this sexy battlefield fragrance for men, a sophisticated blend of oakmoss and sandalwood with hints of cedarwood and black amber. Activated charcoal gives this soap its black hue which draws toxins from the skin in a rich lather of manly cocoa butter and bubbles.

Lafitte 1815 is handcrafted by Emily of Sweet Olive Soap Works, a girl whose Grandmother never forgave nor trusted the Brits and summed up the Battle of New Orleans as such: "God was on our side, along with everybody else."

Available in my online shop. (Check my profile for the link!)

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