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Could BP learn something?

Wife was adding cinnamon to water and oil to make morning oatmeal in the mixing cup. She noticed that the cinnamon sank to the bottom with some of the oil. Then the oil, cinnamon mix started to rise with oil attached. Could the same be happening in the ocean, and what’s the cinnamon representing?
A close look shows the sugar mixing with the water indicated by schlieren.

2 comments to Could BP learn something?

  • CaZaTo Ma


    There was a page on the BBC web site where you could submit ideas for BP. I saw it a few weeks ago, but it might still be there. Perhaps McCormick could donate a tanker of cinnamon powder. :^)

  • CFBSr

    This reminded me of the Junior High experiments I used to engage the students. Lots of good stuff on observation, dissolving, etc.

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