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Black Coffee and Tea in White Cup is Hot

Free picture of the black coffee and tea mix in a white cup that is Hot . This fresh photo of food was created for you by the best caffeinated friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

Black coffee is the elixir of life for beautiful women under stress. It is very important to serve the black tea or coffee in a white cup, because the color contrast tot he drink on the wooden table must be strong and warm like the caffeine addiction that gives fresh energy to the people who are saturated with hot espresso steams in a local bar of legal beverage for drinking during a breakfast break.

The best drink is the free drink. This tasty and beautiful white cup was paid by a creative customer of who is a very cool and sweet talking individual. It is always nice to share a cup of good tea or coffee with good people in a clean bar or a restaurant with cute porcelain cups that are far better than ceramic mugs that are served in the Arabic district of Cairo.

The black drink in this white cup is purely from green coffee beans that were farmed on an organic farm in Colombia, where the natural farming is still profitable and more attractive to small growers who also drink their products.

Alternatively, a good tea in a cup is like a mind coffee out of the Starbucks mug with an extract of the great recipe that they use for their iced products.

The cultivation of the coffee is spread extensively in the tropical and subtropical countries. There took place, in the whole planet, a whole of 6,7 million tons of coffee annually between the year 1998 and 2000, and one hopes that the number should rise up to 7 million tons annually in 2010.

The industry of the coffee moves at present 70.000 million dollars a year, number overcome only by the oil as for exports world scale, according to the magazine Investigation and Science.

The coffee trees are shrubs of the tropical regions of the genre Coffea. The coffee tree has its center of origin in the distant Abyssinia, in the east of Africa.

The coffee turned out to be especially reproved by the Protestant sectors, although it would not produce reactions so rough as the tobacco.

The coffee crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1689, with the opening of the first establishment in Boston. The time necessary for a young coffee tree that is established to begin to produce is 3 to 4 years.

Initially the newly fixed coffee beans are processed already by means of the dry method or the humid one. The coffee can be kept protected by their own shell during a certain time. Some crops even aging to improve the taste of coffee.

Once the coffee is dried and becomes green coffee is sorted by hand or machine to remove impurities and bad beans or deformed. Furthermore, coffee is also classified by size.

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