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BEER and SANDALWOOD Soap with a 5 cereals beer — All Natural Handmade Organic Soap — Cold process bar soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This pure organic cold process soap is made with a 5 cereals beer for a smooth and easy shaving. It gives a rich creamy lather that will clean and moisture your skin while you do the shaving. Rich in greek extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and st jonh’n wort oil, it has a lovely but discreet sandalwood smell.
There is no alcohol left in the soap after the saponification process.

Ingredients: Organic greek extra virgin olive oil, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, organic st john’s wort oil, 5 cereals beer (barley, wheat, corn, rice, rye), sandalwood essential oil, sodium hydroxide.
Aprox weight of each bar is 110 grams (3.9oz). Vegetarians and vegans friendly.

I use the cold process method and although it takes a lot of curing time, definitely is the method that provides the highest quality soaps.
Based only on vegetable oils, I never use artificial colour, fragrance, preservatives or whitener.
I choose carefully the materials (oils, butters, herbs, essential oils, etc.) in order to create a unique soap in small batches.

**** love our planet: please use organic products that leave no harmful waste ****

You can buy this organic handmade soap at:

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