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BATH BOMBS — 100% Natural — with Lemongrass Essential Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil — Set of 7 Walnut Shell Sailboats Bath Bombs

Adorable little walnut shell sailboats filled with 100% natural bath bombs with vibrant lemongrass essential oil and soothing macadamia nut oil.
Just let them sail in your tub and enjoy moments of relaxation as if you are at the sea looking passing by sailboats! Keep the walnut shells to make cute tiny candles or sailboats for your children.

These mini bath bombs are hand crafted using 100% natural lemongrass essential oil and healing macadamia nut oil. Perfect for dry skin, these bath bombs soften bath water and sooth, smooth, and moisturize stressed skin.

Each walnut shell mini bath bomb is approximately 1 oz. Perfect for gifts, weddings, and baby showers and wonderful for customizing your bath experience.

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