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3rd Course: Cape Cod Peekytoe Crab

Cape Cod Peekytoe Crab
Cannelloni with daikon radish and madras curry.

Notes: How beautiful is this? Gorgeous plating and really spectacular flavors.

The crabmeat, naturally sweet and well-picked over, was rolled with nasturtium petals (the petals seem too small for nasturtium, but that’s what the server said) and fresh dill in a transcluscent shaving of daikon radish. The crab cigar (I don’t know what else to call it) was topped with nastertium petals, dill and baby chard.

I really am amazed by the daikon wrapper for two reasons: 1. it was not as nose-piercingly radish-y as daikon tends to be – in fact, it was very mild and the natural sweetness of the root really shined through; and 2. the daikon was crisp, yet still tender enough to cut through without shredding – I was pleasantly shocked at how cleanly I could eat this cigar – I was afraid that cutting would only make the whole thing unravel into an un-stuffed mess. Instead, it kept its shape perfectly. I wonder if the shaving had been blanched – which would not only make it more tender, but also take some of the bit out of the radish.

Just as compelling as the cigar are the sauces. The yellowish-orange dots are madras curry-flavored. The white ones (although our server told us was white balsamic) was coconut and lemongrass (which we figured out after tasting it – the server later apologized and after checking with the kitchen, confirmed that it was indeed coconut and lemongrass). The green dots were parsley oil. Together, they married into a light and refreshing coconut curry-tasting sauce that was delicate enough to compliment sweet crab and other faintly herby elements.

The pairing, a 2005 Bernhard Ott from Austria, really brought out the madras curry and the coconut flavors of this dish. This was a truly thoughtful wine pairing. From Austria to India – amazing.

You can read more about this restaurant and my dinner on my blog.

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