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2009-12-04 07-43-33 Bee on Lemon-scented Tea Tree – IMG_3702_2

This bee was having a busy moring – and keeping me guessing where he would go next!
"Amegilla bombiformis, commonly known as the Teddy Bear Bee or Golden haired mortar bee, is an Australian native bee. It belongs to the Anthophoridae family of insects. Amegilla bombiformis is a stocky bee which resembles a bumblebee in shape, and is covered in orange-brown fur. The abdomen has several dark hairless bands, seven in the case of males, six for females. It is similar in size to a European honeybee".
Lemon-scented Tea Tree is an evergreen shrub that grows to 4m. It is an evergreen native to Australia and flowers from June to July. The Lemon-scented Tea Tree oil is contained in the scented flowers and twigs, from which the essential oil is harvested and used in natural skin care products.

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