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The Man Behind Be Young Essential Oils

For thousands of years essential oils have been used worldwide for their beneficial therapeutic effects. Although today essential oils are used both aromatically and medicinally, not all essential oils can be considered therapeutic. The therapeutic effectiveness of an essential oil can vary widely from one essential oil source to another. It is therefore important to purchase essential oils used for therapeutic purposes from a source which specializes in therapeutic grade essential oils.

One of the best known formulators and importers of therapeutic grade essential oils in the United States is Dana Young essential oils. Dana Clay Young, Ph.D. founded his company called Be Young after decades of experience formulating, managing and working at all levels other essential oil companies. Dana Young’s experience dates back to the 70s and includes working with such companies as Forever Young and Young Living.


The Product of His Determination

Dana Young essential oils are sourced, blended and sold with therapeutic uses in mind, backed with decades of experience ranging across the oil industry. Dana grew up in the farming and ranching environment. He has worked as a farm manager and developed a 2000 acre farm for essential oil production. His hunger to learn more about essential oils led him to study under essential oil specialists Pierre Franchomme, Ph.D. and Dr. Daniel Penoel. He also attended the 4th International Symposium on Integrated Aromatic Medicine in France, in 2001, which led him to develop his line of essential oils. Today Dana continues to educate himself and improve Young Living essential oils through research, development and bringing new essential oils to market.


The Superb Mixture

Dana Young blends and formulates his oils differently from most other essential oil companies. Dana adheres to a strict no dilution policy, using no bases, fillers or carriers to dilute Be Young essential oils. While many essential oil uses are most effective after dilution, Dana leaves dilution up to the end user of his oil. Most essential oil companies make their blends based on the aromatic properties of essential oils. Dana on the other hand formulates his blends according to chemical constituents to produce the maximum therapeutic effect.

Michelle Moore is an Author, Microbiologist, Wellness Researcher and Natural Health Expert who helps empower and educate people on how to naturally achieve optimal health and wellness. With extensive experience in both the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Natural Health arena, Michelle practices a balanced approach to health and has helped thousands of people to understand essential oils uses. Find out more about Dana Young essential oils by visiting Honest Essential Oils at
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