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Are Aromatherapy Soy Candles Effective?

Aromatherapy soy candles are actually a very recent invention. Scented candles and aromatherapy have existed since just about as long as we can trace, since the beginning of civilization, but soy candles have been around for less than 20 years. Only recently did the two meet to create the aromatherapy soy candle.

So what are aromatherapy soy candles?

Aromatherapy, simply put, is therapy (or treatment) using aroma or fragrance. In practice, aromatherapy entails the use of volatile plant oils, known as essential oils to produce a therapeutic fragrance that is then inhaled and affects the body and mind in specific ways.

Aromatherapy soy candles are simply a combination of soy candles and aromatherapy. Soy wax is infused with essential oils. Usually jar candles are used since soy pillar candles do not contain 100% pure soy wax. When the jar candle is lit, the soy wax and essential oils are heated and the fragrance is diffused into the air. The effects on the body take place when the aroma in inhaled.

Aromatherapy soy candles – are they effective?

Although the modern western medical establishment is only beginning to realize the potential benefits of aromatherapy, the practice has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Its use in the western world is only recently becoming popular. So, yes, aromatherapy does work.

Aromatherapy works with the natural healing powers of the aromas created by the “essences” (essential oils) of certain plants, flowers, roots, etc. The difference between these aromas and perfume scented candles is that essential oils are natural and are derived from the earth. Perfumes that are used in candles are artificially created by combining chemical compounds and are not as compatible with the human body.

When you light a standard scented candle, you almost immediately begin to smell the aroma being released by the fragrance or perfume that is infused with the candle wax. If you are used to the strong, pungent fragrances associated with modern day scented candles, it may take you a while to smell the aroma being released by an aromatherapy soy candle.

There are definite differences in simply smelling a scent and aromatherapy. Even a perfume scent can be therapeutic. Any scent can trigger memory receptors and thus affect your mood. Essential oils can do this as well, but they work on a much deeper level. The essence of the essential oil is more important than the scent. It is thought by many that the chemical compounds contained in essential oils have a quantifiable and measurable effect on the physical body.

When you light an aromatherapy soy candle, the soy wax heats the essential oils. Soy wax is ideal for use in candle aromatherapy since soy wax burns cooler, not to mention cleaner. Because the wax is cooler, the oils are dispersed more evenly into the air. They are also not heated up to the point whereas the heat causes damage to the essential oils as can happen with paraffin.

When treating yourself with aromatherapy soy candles, it is best to find a quiet place where you can sit for about a about a half hour. This will give you time to inhale the aroma as the essential oils affect your body and mind.

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