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Top 5 Essential Oils Every Woman Needs

No matter if male or female, you understand the issues that can affect women, ranging from minor to extreme. What do women do to help these issues? Take pain pills? Eat chocolate? Or yell and scream? In addition to these choices, there are essential oils that can bring balance to these issues. I present the top 5 essential oils every woman should have with them at all times, to bring balance and harmony to the lives of women, and of those that love them.

Clary Sage is an essential oil made from a plant in the mint botanical family. This oil has an effect on the hormonal system, aiding the balance of hormones during menopause and pre menopause. When diffused into the air, this oil may bring feelings of calmness and euphoria, possibly allowing women to combat insomnia. This oil also contains soothing and sedative properties, perfect for bringing relaxation after a long day. Rub this oil on the bottom of your feet, and you will feel calm and sleep like a baby.

Another necessary essential oil for women is Fennel, which is made from plants in the parsley family. It can bring balance to the digestive system, as well as the hormonal system. Women have reported this oil helping with constipation and digestive discomfort, making it the perfect oil to have in your purse for when these uncomfortable situations arise. When diffused, this oil can purify the air, help to increase longevity and bring feelings of courage.


Geranium essential oil is made from the leaves of the geranium plant. This oil is wonderful on skin and also has been shown to bring emotional balance during PMS, for teenage girls as well as during mood swings associated with menopause. When diffused into the air, this oil can help to bring about the release of negative memories, allowing them to be replaced by peaceful and joyful moments, as well as decreasing stress and lifting the spirit.

Lavender has been referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils. It is the one must have oil for every woman. It can help with period cramps, depressed moods, flatulence, and hair loss as well as mood swings associated with menopause, indigestion and even stretch marks. This oil has also been helpful with seasonal allergies, as well as detoxification of the liver. It is another perfect oil to keep in your purse, for your own use and easily convenient to aid those around you who need help with the above issues.

Roman Chamomile is distilled from the flowers of the daisy plant. This oil has been shown to be helpful for the skin, even increasing the skins ability to regenerate. This oil is also an anti-infectious agent. However, this oil’s most important benefit for women is the effect it has on children. It can calm crying children, sooth tummy aches as well as colic and teething pain, and can even minimize the nervousness of hyperactive children. This is a must have oil for moms and those around children regularly. 

Essential oils are a wonderful addition to the healthy habits of women, and can put to rest these biological and emotional issues women suffer with, ranging from a teenager starting her period to a woman going through menopause. In addition these oils can help calm the stresses women face on a daily basis, whether at work or home. These Top 5 Essential Oils are a great introduction into holistic female health, and can cover a wide range of issues and stresses. I urge you to do your own research, talk to your doctor and consider adding Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils to your healthcare regimen today.

Kate Penfold is the author and can provide more information about essential oils for women. Kate is a biologist and natural health enthusiast. Visit her website, for the products mentioned above and much more.
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