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The Basics of Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that are extracted from plants and these oils are very popular for therapeutic benefits. There are several elements in essential oils and each of them has a lot of health benefits. Organic essential oils are considered to be superior among essential oils. The source of organic essential oils are plants that are grown without using any pesticides, fertilizers or harmful chemicals on lands that have been certified by an authorized regulatory agent. Essential oils are considered to be organic only if the plant from where it was extracted was grown in good soil, through environmental friendly methods.


Organic essential oil is gaining a lot of popularity among nurses and aromatherapists who prefer its use in clinical treatments. According to them organic essential oils offer more vitality and healing powers as compared to the conventional essential oils. If you take into consideration the pesticide residues, organic oils are not only beneficial for the environment, but human bodies as well. The certified dealers of such oils make sure that the customers get organic essential oils that are analytically tested and certified under any one of the following official regulatory organizations:


Nature et Progress
The Soil Association
Qualite-France SA


Several organizations certify Organic essential oils and organic plants so guarantee that the oil you buy is certified and guaranteed to have therapeutic benefits. As far as aroma is concerned, organic essential oils are much superior. This is because they are more concentrated than the regular essential oils. Besides the aroma, organic oils also have a potent flavor due to which they are also used for cooking. You can make a number of healthy, flavored dishes with organic essential oils. In comparison to the fresh and dried herbs used for cooking, these oils like organic basil oil provide a more appetizing taste. They do not contain the glycerol molecule that makes fatty oils greasy on the tongue. Due to this organic essential oils are healthier than fatty oils like sesame or olive oil. Instead of fat organic oils have antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial components that can help you fight diseases. You can apply any organic essential oil to your skin through bathing and massage. Its steam can also be inhaled for some therapeutic effects. Since they are superior and more beneficial, they are bound to be more expensive than any other essential oil. The ones that are harvested in the wild are far more expensive.


Today you can find several suppliers offering organic essential oils, but they do not meet any of the requirements of an ‘organic’ product. So make sure that you buy essential oils that have a label certifying them as ‘organic’. Many reputable organic essential oil suppliers label the products with common botanical names, part of plant that was used, country where it originated, method used for extracting the oil and method of agriculture. If any essential oil package does not contain all this information then it recommended not using such oils because it can have adverse effect on your body.

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