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Tea Tree Oil and Sonic Toothbrush for Optimal Health

A few years ago there was a healthcare segment on the TV show, The View, in which a physician explained the top ten things you could do to improve your health. One of them was to use a toothpaste that contains tea tree oil.

In recent years medical researchers have found that the bacteria that cause tooth decay, if left unchecked, spread to the heart, causing heart disease. So, the doctor said, killing the bacteria daily and keeping them to a minimum can actually prevent heart disease.

The doctor mentioned a few very expensive specialty toothpastes containing tea tree oil, but there is really no need to buy them. Putting a few drops of tea tree essential oil on the tips of your toothbrush before brushing should do the same thing.

To be extra sure, you could mix the tea tree with the toothpaste before putting it on the brush, but that is probably overkill. Tea tree penetrates very well, so it will get into your mouth as long as it is on the toothbrush.

One of the other keys to effectively killing dangerous tooth bacteria is to use a well-designed modern toothbrush with ergonomic shape and soft bristles (because they get into the between-teeth spaces better than hard bristles and do not hurt your gums.

Thorough brushing is extremely important. Most of us do not spend enough time brushing, and we miss some spots.

Some of the best high-tech toothbrushes solve several of those problems at once. Powered toothbrushes clean more thoroughly, especially in the hard-to-scrub spots in the back of the mouth.

Sonic toothbrushes gently clean between-tooth crevices that even the softest bristles may not reach. Best of all, some, like the sonicare toothbrush, are timed to continue brushing for the entire two minutes needed for a thorough and complete cleaning.

You can order tea tree oil, sonicare toothbrushes, and other high quality beauty items and toiletries like gillette sensor blades and gwen stephani perfume easily on line.

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