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Sensual Essential Oil Uses

Naturopaths have taken all the fun out of essential oil’s uses. Of course, who does not love aromatherapy all around the home and office, and who has not benefited from timely use just before the mother-in-law’s arrival? Still, naturopaths, treating its use always as “therapeutic” and “beneficial,” touting their prestigious clinical studies and reliable research, distract healthy people from the simple fact that essential oils’ bedroom uses are just plain fun. How could you lab-coated, horn-rimmed characters have overlooked a use so obvious and so critical to the survival of the species?

Sophisticated Aromatic Seduction

Okay, amigos and amigettes, you may have experimented with perfumes in your fun and frolic, you probably have not really taken your favorite fragrances and textures anywhere near their limits. Playing it safe and keeping it simple, you probably have not taken your sensual fragrance uses into the rich realm of fantasy and fulfillment. Why not?

Let us quickly review Fantasy 101: Men’s fantasies are mostly visual; and, guys, pictures appeals to you because it pictures all your fantasies as if they might come true. Women, meanwhile, wonder about your fantasies and a picture’s appeal, because their fantasies are narrative. Innocently packaged as “romance novels” and sold in perfectly proper Main Street bookstores, those little prose works, in fact, are girl-arousing par excellence. Therefore, amorous young gentlemen, stop falling for the pretense that romance novels are fiction and begin using them as your playbooks. And, as you borrow strategies and skills from the pages of “women’s literature,” note their attention to fragrance. In other words, carefully note the millions of fragrance uses you see represented there between the pages and between the sheets.

Think about essential oil uses for seduction. Amigos, in your picturebook fantasies, you probably pay so much attention to the lingerie you never even see the settings; and you probably make the mistake of concluding that women ought to do all the seducing. We urge you radically to reconsider from a woman’s point of view. If you devote a little time and attention to setting the stage, the lingerie will follow naturally. Essential oil uses abound in seductive scenarios. The suave, debonair heroes of romance do not scatter rose petals all across the bed and around the room just for looks; rose essence screams seduction. Same with the lush bouquets positioned strategically all around the room. Sure, they are “pretty,” but they really are there for their potently provocative essences. And, if you really perfect your tactical uses, you will translate “candlelight dinner” to mean skilled use of candles scented with spices and citruses to relax and perk-up your companion for dinner a deux. Do not plan on an elaborate chocolate soufflĂ© for dessert.

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Cynthia Thomas is an aromatherapy writer and enthusiast. For more great tips on Essential Oil Uses please visit

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