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Natural Herpes Cure With Essential Oils

In all the articles written on these natural treatments they describe how to mix different herbs, make balms and ingest oils or put essential oils on your skin. The problem with these treatments is there is a lot of preparation, everything from shopping for ingredients to preparing and applying them in a specific way. When it comes to buying specific essential oils you cannot just go to any store to find essential oils that are safe to ingest or put on the skin and who’s going to tell you how to safely and effectively use them? When your feeling run down, achy, in pain and/or embarrassed to be seen with a cold sore, you do not want to go shopping and figure out concoctions to put together to feel better, you want all that done for you. Finding all natural remedies for oral and genital herpes is not hard. The hard part is being educated about what’s in it, why it works and how it is safe for you to use.

When buying a product to combat the symptoms and the outbreaks of herpes you should look for a company that educates you about the ingredients in that product and guarantees its claims of effectiveness.

Essential oils are primary ingredients in many natural remedies for herpes. When buying and using essential oil products you should be thoroughly educated on what a therapeutic (grade A) essential oil is and means compared to a non-graded essential oil. A grade A therapeutic oil means it’s held up to a standard of minimum and maximum chemical constituents percentages measured in a gas chromatography profile. Simply, each essential oil has key chemical constituents that make up that oil and those constituents have to fall in a certain percentage (min. to max.) to be considered a therapeutic grade oil (grade A). If it does not fall in these parameters it would be considered inferior in chemistry, (non-therapeutic).

These are standards of purity and wholeness used in Europe set in place by AFNOR, (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation). These standards are not used in the U.S. Any bottle of oil in the U.S. can say 100% pure and natural and not be whole therapeutic grade oil. Which means the U.S. does not require grading, therefore you can not be guaranteed what your putting on your skin, (which constitutes ingestion), is pure or therapeutic. There are a few essential oil companies in the U.S. that follow these standards only because they choose to have a superior product. Any oil can be fractionated, which means its missing some of its constituents that make it whole, and then cannot be therapeutic, in fact it can make your ailment worse. You could never know when oil is fractionated by just the smell, unless you have an extremely well trained nose. The only way to be guaranteed you will get a Grade A therapeutic oil is to buy from a company that guarantees that. If it matters to the company that you get the best that company is worth buying from.

The Power Of Essential Oils

Certain Essential oils have the capability of destroying the cell membrane of the herpes virus, without this membrane the virus cannot survive. Once the membrane is dismantled the virus has no power and healing can immediately begin. Although many essential oils have this ability it is very important which oils are used, for example oil of oregano which can dismantle and kill the virus is good until you take into consideration that oregano burns the skin. You don’t want to kill the virus to then have to deal with skin burning, thick scabbing and added healing time. This is why you also need to consider the rest of the healing process when using a product. Make sure a product addresses all stages of healing.

- killing the virus
- pain elimination
- inflammation reduction
- healing of the skin

There is a lot to consider when looking for a great product that is powerful and gentle and has integrity when stating its purity and effectiveness. If you are interested in a natural therapeutic grade essential oil product made by a company that educates you and guarantees its products are effective and safe then go to

Penelope Healing LLC is a company that makes Soreloozer the all natural Grade A essential oil formula that eradicates herpes. Katherine Picinich owner, aromatherapist, massage therapist and herpes sufferer for 10 years was tired of feeling powerless over her outbreaks and decided to create power against herpes with essential oils. []

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