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Guide to buy essential oils

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During his articles, I was asked a lot about how essential oils can be purchased and where I recommend buying the oils.
Well is not difficult to forge essential oils, to produce them synthetic, or recovery of components obtained with various plant sources.
Make no mistake, these oils may meet the perfume and cosmetic industry, but we want to change their health, must ensure that the materials they have not changed any Asdreach.
Many consumers now buy essential oils, so you are patient and so do I as a therapist.
Alternative medicine store name not Anekov my convenience, I tried to find out about a specific oil production process and came across response insulting me, when I did not get the information you want.
Acharromatrafist senior, I feel a strong need to write the article above Some stores will not work on you, you as consumers buy the best oils to help you solve these and other problems.
Quality of essential oils used in aromatherapy, are of paramount importance.
When using oils Levishum like perfumes, body soap, conditioners Ushmapoim them you know well never Ahevishum lesser importance.
The best way to ensure this is to buy a supply that know the source of the oils they sell, or because they import them themselves, or because they buy them a reliable importer.
Oil not changed in any way since the refinery, may contain traces of chemical elements which have been produced if the plants were sprayed insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers were given.
The best way to prevent this, is to buy a fat bar or plants produced from plants grown organically.
Fortunately, an increasing number of growers, importers and suppliers are aware of these factors can provide a clean and essential oils.
Another problem is the confusion that exists about the botanical which enter the oil produced, between closely related plants with similar names, or because of different names given to the same plant in different countries.
It is very important to make sure the oil you use, produced from the plant on its healing qualities you thought when you choose this oil.
Ensure that – you need to know the Latin names of plants and nuts, must be attached flyer with explanations about the oil obtained.
This avoids traps, like the Spanish Marjoram is a type of thyme.
Moroccan chamomile chamomile is not at all, although it has similar features called Marigold use to describe growing marigold gardens in England (Calenduls officinalis) is a skin healing properties. French marigold African characteristics very different smell.
A bigger problem stems from work some manufacturers and exporters of essential oils, make different blends of oils fraud for financial reasons.
It is important to know what part of the plant produced oil as the active components or different children from some relationship to each other and there are laws on the efficiency of oil or a safety.
Juniper oil (Giunifr) for example, must be produced from grains, but you can get a lower quality oil is also of industries.
Also classified as pure oil, may be of poor quality impairs healing qualities.
If essential oil is much less than Sciptam, it is quite possible that was distilling the third or fourth most plant material properties have been exhausted, first or second distillation.
So how in fact I know who also buy essential oils and what I must ask:

There are shops and houses of complementary medicine or certain concoctions or companies and suppliers who in a box of oil, have all the details on oil, which is safe and reliable and what you can buy without fear.
If the oil is out of the box you should ask several questions:
1. What is the country which creates oil?
2. What is the plant’s botanical name?
3. Which part of the plant produced oil, where applicable
4. What is extraction?
5. Is the oil produced wild plants or from plants grown organically?

The supplier, to know what route the oil is moved from plant to bottle arrived to ensure that there was no way cheating.
Do not compromise on the above, to ensure that the oil you buy is the most quality, for healing the problem for which you bought it.
Not surprisingly, fat was the highest-quality and more expensive, but it is justified in light of the quantities required for handling many responsibilities that I have personally and you patients or caregivers Ababayutichm we can in good conscience use the oils safely.
The above article, is also suitable for practitioners and patients that use oils sites.
This article was written, brighten your eyes on the acquisition of essential oils and increase your knowledge before, you will need to treat essential oil.
   nir hukima Addresses the multi-disciplinary holistic complementary medicine Therapist shiatsu, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, sports massage, pregnancy and childbirth, an expert on back problems and musculoskeletal diseases, Bach, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish massage and deep tissue therapist holistic center in Ramat Gan
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