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Essential Oils- Natural Fragrance

Essential oils are natural oils collected by the fruits and vegetables and flowers. These are concentrated essence of plant materials. These are widely used in aromatherapy. The botanical elements are the main sources of the essential oils. The fragrances collected from animals are not included in the essential oils category. The synthetic oils are also not considered into this category.

Essential Oils- Details about Them

The essential oils are typically the one scent extracted from plant matter, as discussed earlier. The steam distillation process is used in this case. The plant material is given high temperature steam, which “cooks” the plant eventually. This breaks down the plant and releases the essential oils. The oil is separated from the water of the steam and later filtered to make the essential oils. The pressing is yet another method of making essential oils.

The price range of the essential oils may vary largely depending upon the amount of plant material needed to extract the oils and the type of method used. The citrus oil is more economical than rest of the oils due to the ease of extraction. The flower oils are priced higher as the oils extracted through the flowers are very less in quantity. Likewise the Jasmine, Rose and Neroli are some of the highly priced essential oils. The essential oils need to be diluted with “carrier oils” to make them safe to directly apply on skin. The carrier oils are made up of Nuts, Seeds, and Apricot Kernel, Jojoba and Grape seeds.

Essential Oils and Their Usages

The essential oils are most commonly used for manufacturing perfumes. These oils are also used in products that require perfumery substances such as bath oil and shaving lotions etc. these oils are also used in steam and the vapor, when inhaled, is good for curing respiratory complains. These oils make skin smoother and softer. The oils are also effective enough for mood enhancing and emotion stabilizing effects.

Online Buying Of Essential Oils

You can now buy the essential oils through online channels. You will get them at discounted price, due to the stiff competition in the e-commerce market. For more information you can search the net. has an extensive selection of pure Essential oil and fragrance perfume including every important designer fragrance. It provides pure Essential oils and fragrance perfume collections.
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