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Essential Oils in Glass Bottles, Storing Essential Oils, Tatha….Natures Blessing Pure Essential oils

Essential oil in glass bottles

Essential oils should be packaged in dark colored glass, since this filters out the suns ultra-violet light. Today, dark shades of blue, green and violet have become more popular and they all offer some protection to your oils. Essential oils and carrier oils should be store in a cool and room temperatures to help increase their self life. The optimum storage temperature is five degrees centigrade. All essential oil containers should be air tight to prevent the oxidization of the oils, citrus oils are most prone to oxidization. Essential oil should not be kept for more than one year.

Sun light Effect on oils—Sunlight increases the deterioration of essential oils and carrier oil through oxidization. Sun light and oxygen cause carrier (vegetable oils) to gradually turn rancid, which also makes an aromatherapy blend unsuitable for use.

Storing Essential oil Blends

-Store the essential oil in a dark glass container

-Store the essential oils in a cool & dark place.

-Store essential oils away from direct sunlight.

-Do not store oils in plain, clear glass bottles.

-Store essential oils in amber colored or cobalt blue color bottles.

-wooden boxes can be used to store essential oils.

-Avoid essential oils in clear glass bottles as clear glass bottles can allow light that can damage the essential oil.

Disadvantage of essential oils in plastic bottles-

Plastic bottles should be avoided completely for essential oils as the essential oils can dissolve the plastic. Essential oils react vehemently with plastic and eat it out. This will make them rancid and impure over time. To avoid this, never use plastic bottles. Avoid bottles that have a rubber dropper incorporated into its screw-top cap.

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