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Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils, Benefits of Essential Oils

Natural skin care products are superior as they don’t contain any chemicals or pesticides. Essential oils are natural aromatic oils found naturally in flowers, herbs, spices and leaves.

Essential oils have been used for centuries, medicinally and cosmetically to improve physical and psychological health and well being. The oils treat many skin conditions, contribute to healthier skin, relieve aches and pain and have a balancing effect on your mood and sense of well being.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy for their therapeutic effects. Natural perfumes made exclusively from essential oils can also have a positive effect on your mood.

Essential oils are usually more expansive. It takes about 30 petals of rose to make a single drop of rose water. Essential oils are the perfect choice for adding fragrance to skin care and body care products are made with natural ingredients.

Fragrance oils are purely synthetic and do no have any therapeutic properties which essential oils hold. Traditionally fragrance oils have been blamed for respiratory tract and skin irritation. Fragrance oils have usually been mixed with other synthetic oils or substances.

Synthetic Fragrance oils allow perfumers to produce new scents not known in nature. Fragrance oils are popular In the perfume industry, where smell is the most important factor. These oils do not have the positive medicinal effects that essential oils have. Their sole purpose is to make products smell good.


-Essential oils are natural products, which have therapeutic effects and are used in aromatherapy.  Fragrance oils do not have any such health benefits.

-Essential oils are volatile and their scant dissipates with evaporation, whereas fragrance oils are not volatile    and retains the fragrance much longer. A drop of pure liquid essential oil, when placed on a paper, will    evaporate and leave an oil spot. Fragrance oils do not leave any oil spots on paper.

-Fragrance oil may cause skin irritation, as they are chemicals, which are made artificially. But pure essential oils, in   diluted forms do not cause any side effect, unless you are allergic to it. Essential oils must be used in a proper way to avoid any possible side effects.

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