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Essential Oil Products: A Brief Overview

Glass vial containing Lemongrass Essential Oil


Essential oil products are liquids that are distilled using water and steam from flowers, bark, stems or roots. These essential oils are actually not all that oily-feelings, and they’re usually clear with the exception of a few like orange, lemongrass and patchouli which are yellow or amber in color. They are the true essence of the plant and are highly concentrated. These oils are not the same as fragrance or perfume oils which are artificially created and don’t offer any therapeutic benefits, and aren’t’ used in aromatherapy.

Essential oils have the chemical composition which can provide many physical and psychological benefits. Using methods including inhalation and by being applied in a diluted state to the skin. Oils are diluted with almond, apricot kernel or grapeseed oil. These diluted essential oil products which can then be applied to the skin for absorption as well as careful inhalation of the essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. By inhalation, it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Essential oil products can vary a lot in price and quality, and there are a number of factors that can have an effect on the quality of the finished product, and the price you can purchase it at. There are also factors like the rarity of the plants used, conditions under which it is collected and distilled and the level of standards that the distiller is working at. It directly relates to how much oil is produced and the quality of the finished product.

Usually essential oils can be blended from several different essential oil products. These can be purchased, and the advantage is that its blend of pure essential oil which can save you from buying all of the various essential oils individually. The disadvantage to this is that you won’t have control over how the blend is mixed so you won’t be able to mix the blend yourself with the other oils.

Storing your essential oils correctly is essential so that they don’t oxidize, suffer deterioration and lose their beneficial properties over the long haul. Citrus oils can oxidize and start to lose their therapeutic, aromatic properties over time, sometimes in as little as six months. In order to protect those properties of your essential oil products, you’ll want to store them in cobalt blue or amber bottles which are dark and keep out the harmful rays of the sun. Avoid purchasing oils in clear bottles, because it won’t protect the essential oil products from the damaging sun’s rays.

Also avoid buying products in plastic bottles, because pure essential oil can get ruined over a short period of time. Some vendors sell essential oil products in lined aluminum bottles, because it’s considered an acceptable alternative if the interior is lined in the bottles. While you might think that essential oils need to be expensive, however that is not always the case. If you want more expensive oils, they are usually available in sizes beginning in 2ml and 1 dram sizes. Is a subdivision of TSCC. TSCC is geared up for sales and services. We decided to separate the other division, and dedicated a site for essential oil products.
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