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WoodWick Vanilla Bean Mini Reed Diffuser

Relax with the warm, natural scent of pure vanilla bean

Product Features

  • Fragrance without the flame!
  • WoodWick Reed diffusers feature highly concentrated fragrances infused with essential oils.

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2 comments to WoodWick Vanilla Bean Mini Reed Diffuser

  • P. Sutton

    Perfect! I have been using Woodwick diffusers for three years now. I only need to replace the oil once every 3-4 months. We have a larger, 2-story home and it smells amazing throughout the entire house when I place one downstairs, and one upstairs. I get somewhat immune to the smell, however, guests will often comment about how great my house smells. (Otherwise our home has that “old” smell to it.) Although I always have a Woodwick candle around, I also prefer the oil for two reasons: I have young children so I don’t have to find a safe place to put a candle out of their reach, and it smells good consistently. The reason I started using Woodwick brands is because they are more natural. I like knowing that my family isn’t breathing in toxins that are in other candles like Scensy, or Glade products. I also find other brands give me headaches whereas Woodwick doesn’t. I find it’s worth the extra money for this product!

  • Anonymous

    This diffuser really smells good…actually it smells great! It smells like pure vanilla. This is the real deal. I added a drop to bottled water and it did separate so it is real oil. Since I purchased the mini, I put it in one of my bathrooms. Great for a small room and scent not overbearing. Will definitely order again.

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