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Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser, 7.75-Ounce Box

Slender bamboo reeds absorb the scented oil, releasing mountain fresh fragrance throughout the room…a beautiful tradition for giving to others, and to yourself. Fragrance: The aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening Cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood. Simple yet seductive, Thymes Reed Diffusers elegantly grace your home with visual beauty and fragrant sophistication. Graceful bamboo reeds absorb the scented oils, releasing room-filling, transcendent scents.

Product Features

  • Graceful bamboo reeds absorb the scented oils, releasing room-filling, transcendent scents.
  • The scented oil travels up the bamboo reeds to diffuse the scent
  • Control fragrance intensity by the number of reeds used and the frequency of flipping the reeds
  • Flip reeds often to expose fresh oil to the air and increase fragrance
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

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3 comments to Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser, 7.75-Ounce Box

  • Shopping 4 Bargains

    Worht the extra expense Best diffuser we have ever owned. Smell is decadant and rich, but not overpowering. A true pine fir smell – perfect for our home. Other reed diffusers, even expensive ones have not lasted as well or maintained the smell that this one has for us. We are happy with this and purchase the refill… we placed an additional one and bought just the refill and used our own bottle and reeds to save $30 — the reed refill kit is the same amount of fluid oz’s as the kit without the bottle and reeds. WORTH EVERY PENNY ON THIS ONE!! We have had several friends also purchase after visiting our home.

  • Girlease Bra Liner

    Better than a live tree and/or burning candles I found this product while shopping at an exclusive store. It was less money on Amazon. Typically, during the Christmas season, I burn about $80 worth of Yankee Christmas Wreath candles, which turns my wall black where the candles are, and is only fragrant while burning. This Frasier Fir diffuser is amazing!!! It completely fills my 3,500 sq.ft. two story house with amazing FRESH fragrance of Christmas tree: ALL DAY and night long. I also purchased the air freshener, hand soap for the kitchen, and essential oil to add to dried flower arrangements throughout the house. I wish I would have found this product 20 years ago for a savings of $80 x 20 years= $1,600

  • carriew "carriew"

    Subtle Evergreen Scent — Lovely! This is the first fir/pine scented diffuser I’ve found that doesn’t smell like floor cleaner or an overpowering fake Christmas tree. The scent is fresh and subtle, just strong enough to be slightly noticed. It reminds me of happy summer walks among the redwoods in Muir Woods.

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