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The Online Aromatherapy Dictionary

Aromatherapy, as we all know is an alternative method of healing. This field is related to the sense of smell or aroma and the use of different oil, scents, fragrances and perfumes that can be used for the benefit of people. Uses of essential oils from different plants and other aromatic compounds in order to rejuvenate and relax the human mind is the basic purpose of Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy oils are the pure and extracted essence of plants, which are well known remedies of certain illnesses. It must be known that a difference exists between the aromatherapy oils and the perfume oils and fragrances. Perfume oils contain artificial compounds, whereas aromatherapy oils contain natural herbal therapeutic ingredients.

There are different words and terminology in aromatherapy which may be unknown to people who are interested in the subject. With the view of helping these people, the online Aromatherapy dictionaries have been introduced. Aromatherapy Dictionary is an extensive collection of words related to the field of aromatherapy.

The online aromatherapy dictionary includes details of the different scents used and the different terminology with their suitable explanations. All terms have been clearly explained in simple language thus making it a useful resource for novices as well as experts. This explains the basics thus making aromatherapy an interesting topic of discussion.

Need for having The Online Dictionary:
The Aromatherapy Dictionary has been designed mainly for those people who need immediate online translation of different words related to the subject of aromatherapy. It acts as a useful guide for fast, immediate and easy reference of innumerable words. It provides online definitions of all words related to aromatherapy.

How to Use the Online Dictionary:
The online Dictionary is an alphabetical listing of all words related to the alternative healing form of aromatherapy. An in depth explanation for the terms is given wherever possible along with the definition. The different search options included in the dictionary are:

1.Use wild card: Use this option for an approximate search.
2.Exact search: Use this option when you know the exact spelling of the keyword.
3.Google search: Use this option to search in Google for alternate results.
4.Type in the keyword: Type in the keyword for which you are looking for a definition.
5.Search: Click on this option after typing in the keyword you want to find results for.
6.Keywords: This list displays the list of words in the particular dictionary that is chosen.
7.Display: The searched results are displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

Thus the online Aromatherapy Dictionary is a very useful resource both for the learners of the subject as well as the experts who need to understand the different terminologies and methodology of aromatherapy. The online aromatherapy dictionary is thus the ultimate guide and reference for anything related to the realms of Aromatherapy.

Abhishek owns Mystic Board. The forum of Aromatherapy contains detailed discussions on aromatherapy and its benefits. MB Free Aromatherapy Dictionary Software gives you an insight of the different terminologies of aromatherapy.
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