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The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils

Inside each bottle of essential oil lies the key to beauty, health, and wellbeing-and this comprehensive illustrated reference contains all the information needed to work aromatherapy’s magic. It includes complete instructions for skin and body treatments; recipes for creams and lotions; remedies to overcome negative emotions; advice on psychic cleansing; and techniques to enhance meditation and massages of all kinds. There are first aid therapies to relieve simple ailments, and to use during pregnancy and with babies, children, and the elderly. A Directory of Essential Oils gives the properties and applications of 75 common and exotic oils.

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2 comments to The Aromatherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils

  • K. Justus

    not a bible Yes, there is much information here but it covers too many areas that are not aromatherapy. Pages & pages devoted to massage & meditation techniques, emotional issues, yet only 2 pages to discuss the concept of top, middle & base notes. What about how to actually use those little bottles, some with special techniques to actually get the oil to flow or others that are open necked & will spill everywhere. And if you want to look up a specific oil – no such luck. Details on each oil are grouped by their type: citrus, root, flower. If you don’t know the type then you must page thru the entire section cause there is not an index listing for the various oils. Bad editing choice. I would not recommend this book – find something else.

  • D. Tsipras "d'mitri of greece"

    Truely an informative book Don’t be fooled by the fact that this book is small in size, if you have an interest in aromatherapy or simply want to add to your knowledge of it, this is the perfect book. When I got this book I read it cover to cover without ever once getting bored and when I was done I was ready to try everything in it. The author not only covers how the oils effect the body, but the intensity levels with wich oils are stonger in smell, wich will last longer on the skin and warnings as to wich ones should not be used and why. The book is 400 pages long, illustrated on glossy paper with great photos. It includes recipes for making massage oils, fragrances for the skin, oils to use durring meditation, how to meditate, how to give a massage, wich oils to use in baths, lotions, in daily skin care and its all very easy to follow. I suggest this book to anyone who has even the slightest interest in essential oils. You wont be dissapointed.

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