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Sweet Almond Oil – 100% Pure and Organic 16 Oz

Excellent as a massage oil, this luxurious oil is also wonderful in soap. Use it in your cold process

recipes at 5% and enjoy the moisturizing properties of this light oil. Sweet Almond Oil is renowned

for its rich concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids which help to give it

unequalled penetrating and restructuring properties. This oil also makes an unparalleled carrier for

salt (for use in salt scrubs).

Product Features

  • luxurious oil is also wonderful in soap
  • unequalled penetrating and restructuring properties

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3 comments to Sweet Almond Oil – 100% Pure and Organic 16 Oz

  • Janie

    Clearly NOT 16oz! Purchased this Almond oil even though product had no reviews. Big mistake! Bottle came rigged with electrical tape so oil doesn’t spill out which it did anyway. Bottle is 8 to 10 oz at most and looked nothing like the picture… With all the “iffiness” surrounding the presentation and real ounce amount how could you even feel confident that you are getting a 100% pure and organic product. Save yourself the time and money and buy elsewhere.

  • Back rub Queen

    Love This Product I had just the opposite experience so, maybe they got it right or fired the last packing person… LOLmy product came in the bottle shown, no leaks and is just lovely. It absorbs into the skin as it should. My guy has problems with his back muscles knotting up and I use this to rub his back, it’s great !I’m ordering 2 more bottles, Thank you, Back rub Queen

  • Jacqui Martir

    Sweet Almond Oil When I ordered this item, I bought it because a friend of mine had suggested that I do so as a cosmetic aid for dry skin.I use it as a moisterizer for my face, neck and the rest of my body :-) . it works very well. In the winter months here in the Northeast, with indoor heating, the air gets very dry and my skin tends to as well, with accompanied itching and flaking.This product works beautifully for that. Best way to use it for this purpose, I’ve found, is to slather it on immediatly after showering for nice rich supple skin.Definetly recomended and MUCH cheaper than buying a ton of lotions. you get a nice scent, great skin and it doesn’t clog the pores of your face, important to me because I’m prone to acne and thought oil on my face was counterintuitive, but it’s wonderful.The seller was very prompt, sent the item immediatly and it seems to be exactly what’s it’s labeled to be, pute almond oil.

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