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SPT Warm-Mist Humidifier with Fragrance Oil Diffuser

This warm-mist humidifier provides soothing warm moisture to help relieve dry coughs, sinus irritations and itching eyes. Add your own essential oil in the diffuser to aid intherapeutic activities. Easy-to-fill 2.5 liters water tank will provide up to 8 hours of moisture.

Product Features

  • Soothing warm mist operation
  • 2.5-liters tank capacity
  • 2-hout timer function
  • Auto shut-off protection
  • Boils water to remove most germs and bacteria

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2 comments to SPT Warm-Mist Humidifier with Fragrance Oil Diffuser

  • Dan

    Good, basic humidifier I feel the need to review this product since it only had one when I ordered it..I got this unit used (like new) at a very good price. For the price I paid, I’d say it’s an excellent buy. I’ve never owned a humidifier before, but I’m a picky consumer and it simply works well. At the full ‘new’ price, though, it may not be the best bang for your buck.I was most concerned about noise and leakage. This unit does make some soft noise.. the bubbling noise. Fortunately, the noise it makes blends into the background nicely so it is unlikely to disturb your sleep. It’s quite a pleasant sound, actually, like a light rainfall. I also haven’t seen any leakage yet.Like the other reviewer said, the power light is pretty bright, so you might want to tape over it or something. The 2-hr timer is really useful when you don’t want it running til it goes dry. The auto-shutoff seems to work properly — it turns off and an indicator light goes on when the tank is low. Note that this unit only has one power level.. you can’t adjust the vapor output.It has an attractive appearance.. minimalistic and unassuming. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s pretty much 100% plastic, but that’s probably the case with most small humidifiers. I do smell something which I assume is the plastic.. though I’m hoping the scent will diminish with use.

  • TruthAndBeauty

    Good for a small room It’s a nice, small-footprint humidifier. I’ve never used the diffuser (which is just a tiny cup in the “grill”–nothing special), but it works fine as a basic humidifier. It’s very easy to clean, and difficult to tip over accidentally. There are just two drawbacks: it sounds like those $15 “boiler” humidifiers that you can pick up at a drugstore, and you have to refill it twice a day if you’re running it 24-7. The blue light is a bit bright, but you turn it to the wall and problem solved. It’s a good little unit.

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