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Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit (Energy Secrets Series)

The beauty and power of Essential Oils has been known to us for thousands of years, from Ancient Indian healers to current day Aromatherapists. Now, in “Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit”, Myra Sri reveals the etheric actions and color secrets of essential oils to expand on your complete understanding.

This gives a larger awareness not only of the Etheric actions of Essential Oils, but of the cycle and order of Etheric Colors emitted from these amazing gifts of Nature. Right now they have surely ‘come of age’! Etheric application of essential oils is due to their composition of volatile oils, which tend to evaporate, becoming ether or etheric. Ether is a primary matter of life and taken in by the nose and skin. It accesses an important part of human consciousness.

This book is loaded with original information and also practical, hands-on applications of the oils for removing energy blocks and bringing comfort to your whole being. This includes the main energy centers involved as well as which light body and relevant meridians are enhanced and supported by the valuable properties of the individual oil.

Even the best and most effective of energy workers, LightWorkers, and practitioners will find something in here that will enhance their work – whether it is knowledge of the benefits, color actions, tips and valuable application techniques or simply knowing which Chakras and meridians will benefit the most.

New information and references to the New Chakra Systems that are evolving and operating in these times in tandem with the Major Chakra systems will further enhance any workers effectiveness to deal with the myriad of new symptoms resulting from the conversions of our energy systems to the new and higher ‘New Energy Wave’ frequencies.

The meta-physical applications contained in this book may well assist and possibly revolutionize healing work for some, and many LightWorkers will experience a new depth to their work with the etheric vibrations of Essential Oils here in “Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit”

Most of us are aware of the use of Essential Oils for a variety of treatments, and most of us have used them for those same applications. We know the benefit of using them in massage, in skin care, in emotional re-balancing, in lifting or changing a mood in a room or space and in some cases in treating more serious issues relating to illness or disease.
Our understanding has been generally limited to these everyday and aromatherapy uses (powerful though they are).
There are some circles where we are also aware of their use in assisting the nervous system via the brain, to improve and enhance neural function, activity and integration.

There are a number of people right now who are aware of the advantages of the use of Essential Oils because of the unseen energy vibrations of the oils.
A few know of their use in this way to treat or enhance the Chakras, meridians, or even the DNA of the Being. Essential Oils can be used in a conscious way and in direct focused application for balancing the energy systems of the body and related Chakra energy centres.
Fewer still are aware of the etheric Color Codes of Essential Oils.

Until now!

As only a few are aware of the Etheric Language and Activity of Essential Oils, in this book you will explore the language and actions of these Color Codes and Etheric applications.

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2 comments to Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit (Energy Secrets Series)

  • Heidi Yang

    Totally enjoyed it! I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of content and the knowledge she apparently has on the topic. I think you can almost become an expert yourself once you’ve mastered this book. I plan on going back to study each section one-by-one. The book is well-written, interesting, and full of useful content. Thank you!

  • Paulineh

    Very detailed and illuminating Myra I really loved this book and will be referring to it again especially in regard to the great section on the individual essential oils, their colors and their affects and how to use them. You made it very easy to read and I just couldn’t put it down.The best part for me though was the section on Affirmation Meditation with Essential Oils which is such a great technique I just didn’t know about so that is one secret for me that you revealed and that I will benefit from.I think I have underestimated the etheric properties of Essential Oils but now through this book I have the right information and I will be able to use them more effectively. Its obvious that you are a very experienced and knowledgeable practitioner.

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