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Scent Ball Plug In

Plug in, turn on and tune out with the most popular aromatherapy air freshener weve ever sold. The ScentBall is a unique small plastic sphere that houses a ceramic plate and an internal electrical warming unit. Requires no candles, pumps, light bulbs or water bowls.

Product Features

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2 comments to Scent Ball Plug In

  • C. Castle

    This thing is AWESOME! I love this thing! I am going to get one for every room. I love that you can put whatever you want on the little strips and in a matter of minutes your room smells great! I used some Cinnamon oil for the kitchen (yum!) and Lavender for the baby’s room. Like I said, I love this thing, so great!!!

  • Lydia Loyd

    Great product, inexpensive, efficient This is a great, inexpensive way to diffuse the scent of essential oils throughout a room. I would definitely recommend it. You can easily switch out different scents just by switching out the cotton pads. It should also be safer and healthier because you can use natural essential oils rather than a chemical laden room spray.

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