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Sandal (Sandalwood) – Fancy Glass Bottle – Song of India Perfume Oil

Product Features

  • Natural concentrated perfume oil made from natural substances.
  • Approximately 10cc (1/3 ounce) of oil in a hand made fancy glass bottle and gift box.
  • Imported from India by RExpo (Song of India).

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3 comments to Sandal (Sandalwood) – Fancy Glass Bottle – Song of India Perfume Oil

  • Nina Dellinger

    Good value, but not “natural” as in “natural essential oil” This Sandalwood perfume oil and most of the other perfume oils of this company are of good quality – as far as price, odour strenght and volatility are concerned. It’s strong, it’s not expensive, it lingers on the skin for ages and it smells like Sandalwood (at least older batches did – the newer batches seem to consist of 90% Cedarwood and 10% Sandalwood, but that’s just my impression).But be careful if you’re looking for a “natural perfume oil” – because this isn’t. A natural perfume consists of a neutral carrier oil and natural essential oils – nothing else. This Sandalwood perfume oil isn’t natural at all – it consists of synthetic substances and there is not one drop of real Sandalwood Oil in it. I know this because we used to sell these perfume oils for a long time until we were informed by the company that it (Sandalwood) is synthetic. And i guess most of the other perfume oils of Song of India are synthetic to – especially the (normally) high priced ones like Rose, Jasmine, Lotus etc.To keep it short: If you’re looking for a strong Sandalwood perfume, this is it. If you’re looking for an authentic natural perfume oil that consists of the real thing (which is Mysore Sandalwood Oil), you should go look somewhere else.All in all, you get what you pay for – a synthetic product worth it’s price. Be prepared to pay 5 to sometimes even 10 times more for a real Sandalwood perfume oil. Mysore Sandalwood Oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world and it should be valued as a precious and rare gift of nature.

  • AbbysK

    Happy The glass bottle was small but it’s perfect. The oil smells wonderful. Was impressed with the fact it’s sealed with wax. Came quickly and was as promised.Love the product. Thank you

  • Saby

    True Sandalwood This perfume is truly Sandalwood. No alcohol base or other crap that makes you smell like your wearing bug spray.It is a small bottle, about 3.5″ tall, but goes a long way. Really only need two dots; one to share with wrists and one at throat. Very potent stuff! If you love the smell of sandalwood, you can’t get better than “Song of India” brand. The bottle itself is very beautiful and fragile. Tom sends them well packaged.

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