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Rose Essential Oil (100% Pure Rosa Damascena) 5ml

The Rose Essential Oil that is being offered for sale here is pure, natural, uncut and infused with Reiki. I chose this oil as my first product in the ‘Miracle Botanicals’ line in part because Rose Essential Oil has been shown to vibrate at 320 MHZ, while a healthy human body vibrates between 70-80 MHZ. In this way, Rose Essential Oil delivers a powerful invitation to raise one’s individualized vibration for expanded awareness, clear consciousness and to experience the feeling of Love. The Rose also represents Divine Love, reminding human beings that no matter what, they are always Loved irrespective of where they have ever been or what they ever have done. To open your heart and invoke Divine Love in your Life, simply place one or two drops at your heart center (on the sternum between breast bones), gently rub in a circular motion, clockwise while consciously breathing for about 30 seconds. Rose is said to heal the connection between mind, body and spirit so that one may experience more love, purity, and well being through the particulars of their life.

Product Features

  • 100% Pure Wildcrafted Rosa Damascena Essential Oil
  • Steam Distilled
  • Reiki Charged with the intent to open the Heart Chakra for the experience of loving and being loved
  • 5ml in amber colored European dropper bottle
  • Chakras Affected: 5th – Heart – Love; 6th – Throat – Communication
  • Etheric Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Silver
  • Emotional Indications: Trust, Initiative, Renewal, Sensuality, Feminine Energy, Inner Truth
  • Physical Indications: Night Magic, Discover Romance, Gain Commitment, Fertility, Liveliness

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3 comments to Rose Essential Oil (100% Pure Rosa Damascena) 5ml

  • D. Kruse "Arakis5"

    Fabulous I have purchased this product. The bottle I received has a light geranium scent as a top note and a wonderful rich rose scent that is long lasting. The price for 5ml is very good for a Damascus rose otto compared to what I have found other places. Highly recommended.

  • S. Fine

    The Best This Essential Oil is the best for the price. I bought this to replace a product that I purchased previously that had so much carrier oil in it that the scent did not even last a few minutes. I put a few drops of this oil in that product, and now it is heavenly.The great thing about a pure essential is that it will last virtually forever if it is kept in a cool dark place tightly sealed. Most people do not understand essential oils and think they should be treated like cheap synthetic products. Those liquids are fine for non-medicinal uses, but if you want to use botanical essences for therapeutic or other purposes that come in contact with living tissue, best to get the Real McCoy and learn the proper way to use it.I have used this product in several ways, including adding a few drops to candle wax. The scent that resulted was delicate and soothing. I will definitely buy more products from this company.

  • Felicia Amoroso

    These oils are wonderful and really effect spiritually This product is great and smells wonderful. Really helps the spirit on top of the wonderful aroma that it gives. Love it.

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