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Rodent Defense All Natural Mice Repellent 32 Oz Spray

A bottle of Rodent Defense Mice Repellent 32 oz is a must-have tool when eliminating or preventing Mice

It is all natural with ingredients like peppermint oil and other spices that prevent mice from coming into your home.

Its easy to apply and you can use it anywhere mice are seen trailing or nesting, and will stop gnawing.

This deterrent / repellent will work on ALL mice that are annoying you.

If you are dealing with a severe mice infestation, we recommend using trapping or exclusion in addition to Rodent Defense Mice Repellent Spray

Product Features

  • All Natural – No chemicals, toxins, or poisons and is safe to use around your kids and pets
  • Works on All Mice- House Mice, Field Mice, Country Mice, Brown Mice
  • The Perfect Mice Prevention- Create a barrier to ensure mice stay away from your property
  • New Fresh Scent – No unpleasant odor!
  • Made by Professional Exterminators – Created and tested by a team of experts so you know it works!

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