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Premium Sweet Almond Oil – THE BEST 100% Pure Natural Moisturizer – Beautify Face, Skin & Hair – Generous 16oz. Bottle from Angele – Restore Dry, Aged Skin & Rejuvenate Brittle, Damaged Hair NOW!

Be Beautiful!

Bring Life & Youth Back to Your Face, Skin & Hair!

100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil, a beautifying 16oz Italian miracle-in-a-bottle!

Restore Dry, Aged Skin & Rejuvenate Brittle, Dull Hair.

Non-toxic – no preservatives, fragrances, colorants or impurities.

Enjoy Amazing Benefits.

Beautify Your Skin:
- Moisturizes, soothes & nourishes your skin with multivitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids
- Invigorates & alleviates dry, wrinkled, sensitive & sun-damaged skin.
- Reduces dark circles under your eyes, recapturing that youthful glow

Nourish Your Hair:
- Adds luster & shine, making hair look & feel soft & healthy
- Reduces split ends & falling hair
- Moisturizes dry scalp

For Massage & Aromatherapy:
- Excellent glide massage oil that slowly penetrates the skin
- Non-greasy oil with a subtle, natural fragrance

Make Soaps & Lotions:
- Easily blends with your favorite essential oils
- An excellent base for skin-softening soaps
- Antioxidant Properties

Other Benefits:
- Relieves chapped lips
- Strengthens fingernails
- Ideal makeup remover
- All-purpose cleaner

Our Sweet Almond Oil is backed by Angele’s 100% satisfaction guarantee!

CLICK the “Add to Cart” button and beautify your life!

Product Features

  • ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY 100% PURE SWEET ALMOND OIL BY ANGELE: Expeller-pressed Sweet Almond Oil is non-toxic, contains no impurities, colorants, fragrances or preservatives; produced from the finest Mediterranean almonds & tested to ensure purity & quality; backed by Angele’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • BEAUTIFY & MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN: Angele’s Sweet Almond Oil Promotes Amazingly Soft Skin & Is The Perfect Moisturizer; non-greasy; absorbs very easily into the skin, softening & smoothing without clogging your pores; helps with dry, cracked, sensitive, wrinkled or sun-damaged skin; contains B & E vitamins & fatty acids that are beneficial to the skin.
  • GIVE YOUR HAIR THE BENEFICIAL NUTRIENTS IT NEEDS: Premium Sweet Almond Oil By Angele Is Loaded With Polyunsaturated & Mono Fatty Acids, As Well As Vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, & B6; an excellent conditioner, used in many hair care products; its moisturizing qualities add luster & make your hair look and feel healthier, shinier & softer; minimizes split ends & the frizzies; nourishes hair cuticles, making them less prone to breakage.
  • TREAT YOUR BODY TO A LUXURIANT MASSAGE: Only Four Ounces Is Enough For A Full Body Massage; can easily be blended with your other favorite oils; glides well on the skin, but does not penetrate too quickly (making it perfect for a great massage); provides your skin with many essential nutrients; non-greasy, unlike many other massage oils.
  • INCORPORATE IT INTO YOUR SOAPS & LOTIONS: A Favorite For Those Who Like To Make Their Own Soaps Or Lotions; great for softening & smoothing the skin; contains antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for soaps & lotions; has only a subtle but appealing scent; produces a mild soap with a generous lather; leaves no greasy residue.

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