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Peppermint Oil, Premium Therapeutic Grade 4 Ounce Essential Oil for Aromatherapy with Free Dropper and Ebook

Includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Safe for adults, babies, dogs, cats, and children, this large 4oz bottle of minty oil is steam distilled, perfect for aroma therapy. Use in a solution with a diffuser, for making homemade candles, or simply finding serenity in creating a spa-like atmosphere.

Made from the leaves of the Indian Peppermint plant, the oil is extracted and then steam distilled. The resulting oil is strong and majestic, and has a distinctive scent.

More than just a high quality oil at a low price with an adorable label, Invivo Essential is about value, quality, integrity, and caring. We believe in harvesting what nature has made, living peacefully on earth, and giving back.

You’re going to love this oil in a glass roller bottle. Just dilute your it with a quality carrier oil, and roll it on your skin to allow it to work, Then you can store it in your purse and always have it handy.

Product Features

  • Includes free dropper and eBook with amber glass bottle and phenolic lid to protect oil from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Loaded with key vitamins, nutrients, menthol, menthone, and antioxidants.
  • 100% pure, all natural Mentha Piperita is powerful and potent, with a lovely minty scent.
  • Great gentle plant based essence for stomach aches, digestive issues, headaches, and easy breathing.
  • Can be used for DIY products, Ayurvedic medicine, to soothe sore muscles, improving mental focus, boosting energy and repelling insets, spiders, mice, roaches, and ants.

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