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Pelindaba Organic Lavender Hydrosol – All Purpose Cleaner – 32 fl oz

Our organically certified 100% pure Lavender Hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil on the farm. Also known as floral water, it is an ideal means of bringing the all-natural antiseptic, cleansing and insect repellent properties of lavender essential oil to a wide range of personal care, household, work spaces and other uses. Try the following… PERSONAL CARE & THERAPY : -For rinsing, cleaning, and promoting rapid healing of skin abrasions and cuts, -For soothing on itching skin associated with sun or wind burn, eczema, dryness and aging, -As a preferred wet wipe for infant and adult personal hygiene (particularly useful in healing and preventing diaper rashes), -Also helpful for calming irritable infants when used as a room or car spray. HOUSEHOLD, WORKSPACE, BOAT, AUTOMOBILE : -For washing fruit and vegetables (safe to spray on or near food), -For cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces (sinks, counters, floors, refrigerators, stove tops, desks, dashboards, etc, etc…), -As a all-natural no-scrub daily shower spray to help prevent mildew, -For non-streaking no-residue cleaning of windows, glass, mirrors, fine jewelry, computer and TV screens, -For removing water spots and finger prints from chrome and stainless steel, -For discouraging common insects, including flies, fruit flies, spiders and ants, on and around counters, sinks, garbage areas, etc, -As an extraordinarily effective plant spray for both indoor and outdoor plants, helping rid them of aphids, mealy bugs, etc. All this with a 100% natural and organic product from our farm on San Juan Island, Washington!

Product Features

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Distilled on our Farm
  • Cleanser and disinfectant for personal care, household, work spaces and other uses
  • Bulk size to fill your own spray bottles

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2 comments to Pelindaba Organic Lavender Hydrosol – All Purpose Cleaner – 32 fl oz

  • Flower Power!

    Endless uses This is my new favorite household item. Its uses are endless! I use it for cleaning my entire kitchen and bathroom; countertops, floors, cutting boards, sinks, windows and mirrors. I also use it to clean my fruits and veggies. It works great for cleaning up my dogs accidents, removing the sent so he doesn’t return to the same spot. It works as an insect repellent so I spray it around my house and on my plants. When I babysit I use it to help sooth infants and toddlers. I also use it to clean my cuts and sooth sunburn, it helps me heal twice as quickly! This stuff really does have endless uses!

  • CeeCee D

    Love it, Love it! This is by far the most versatile product that I have ever used! It works wonderful for cleaning and disinfecting almost anything. I use it for cleaning counters, cutting boards, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and dusting. The other day I came home from work to find my husband spraying it on our antique wool rug to take out old stains, and it worked! Now if only I could get him to do some of the dusting!

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