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Otto Von Bismarck (World Leaders Past and Present)

A biography of the Prussian statesman who united the German people under one government and whose policies and influence were felt throughout Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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1 comment to Otto Von Bismarck (World Leaders Past and Present)

  • Anonymous

    A nice intro to a man that united Germany under Prussia’s leadership. The author shows how the ruthless strategy of Bismarck united Germany under the Prussian King. Along the way, he took on three countries singularly and defeated them all. This was one smart forward thinking leader. As one historian A.J.P. Taylor noted, Bismarck’s wars resulted in thousands of deaths. The wars of the 20th century resulted on millions of deaths. Bsmarck used politicians for the ultimate good of the country. It is hard to see how Germany would have went into World War I under his leadership. As William I stated, Bismarck was more indispensible than he was.A nice short read on a cold calculating leader. He performed his job for the benefit of the country, but was ultimately hated.

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