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Oregon Scientific Disc Aroma Diffuser, Black

Turn any room into a relaxing retreat with this stylish diffuser. Now you can set a relaxing mood in any room without compromising on space, style or function. The halo aroma diffuser gently releases your favorite aromas, and can even be set to start on a timer, so you’re met at the door with your favorite aroma oil. The LED mood light makes it a visual treat as well, and with its sleek lines and the addition of a built-in digital clock, you don’t need to tuck the halo aroma diffuser out of sight when it’s not in use. It’s a smart, multifunctional accessory that’s made to be seen.

Product Features

  • Mood light
  • Clean design without visible buttons
  • LED clock
  • Fragrance diffused by fan
  • Removable glass oil tank for easy cleaning

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2 comments to Oregon Scientific Disc Aroma Diffuser, Black

  • Philip M. Young Jr.

    Pretty nice This was a gift for my wife and thought it is nice and has some nice aromas, it was a little smaller than I expected. Also, it doesn’t stay on very long but it is still nice…

  • Anonymous

    can only smell when standing right by it. sending it back. hopefully will have better luck with the next one we order..but wont be using this brand again

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