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Now Foods Tea Tree Oil, 16 Ounce

100% PureMelaleuca alternifolia Aroma: Potent, warm, spicy.Benefits: Cleansing, purifying, renewing.About Tea Tree Oil

Product Features

  • Tea Tree Oil – 16 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 100% Pure

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2 comments to Now Foods Tea Tree Oil, 16 Ounce

  • E. K. Williams "Deepblue0410"

    Lacks a built-in dropper… This IS 100% Tea Tree oil. Great product, as I’d expect from NOW. I own other essential oils of theirs as well. One gripe I have about this, however: NO DROPPER with this 4 oz bottle! This is the first 4 oz bottle I’ve bought from them of any kind of essential oil. The others I own are 1 oz bottles, and have built-in tops for getting one drop at a time. Lacking that is NOT A GOOD THING FOR ME!! I generally only use a few drops at a time, and I’m extraordinarily clumsy and have shaky hands! Not having expected the bottle to lack that special top, I was a bit annoyed at having to seek out a separate dropper so I could use this. Oh well. I have one now, but I’m also forewarned. I’m assuming the other 4 oz bottles of essential oil lack the special drop-tops as well. I wonder why? The assumption that if I buy this much as a time I must use larger quantities at once?Do some research on its properties and uses if you haven’t already. This oil is absolutely incredible! Being antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral, it has myriad applications. I wont go through them all, as other reviewers have named several, but I can list some of the unnamed uses for it.MY unique uses: I mix it in a spray bottle with distilled water, and have several uses for this. It’s effective in keeping my dog away from plants, and the garbage can, as it’s very unappealing to them. As an added bonus, it’s disinfecting the garbage can when I use it this way. BEWARE, however, because the oil is TOXIC if ingested, and if I’m not mistaken, I believe I read it shouldn’t be used anywhere near cats. Double-check on that before use. I don’t own any cats.You can also use this spray in a travel size spray bottle for a hand sanitizer. No more alcohol, and tea tree is superior. It’s even effective at killing MRSA, which is pretty impressive!I’ve mixed the oil with my shampoo, made homemade vinegar rinses with it, put it in homemade balms, sugar scrubs, the list goes on. It’s great for an ointment for small scratches or bites, applied to ingrown hairs to prevent infection, used in a soak for any fungus on the feet, etc. etc. Some people DO react if it’s applied undiluted, though my husband and I have not. This is probably prevented because if I apply it this way, it’s only on a tiny spot like an ingrown hair, and applied with a cotton swab. Diluted with a carrier oil, in a balm or scrub, it makes a pretty impressive difference on eczema.I made a sugar scrub with this (and carrier oils) for my cousin for Christmas. She immediately raved to me about the effect she saw and felt on her psoriasis! :D It is also ASTONISHINGLY effective at killing mold. I had a pretty bad outbreak of mold in my house once, and as I’m allergic, it was serious. This was my first use for tea tree oil, after research on how to be rid of mold naturally. Even disgusting chemical cleaners and disinfectants didn’t rid my house of it, and I’d nearly given up. Suited up with mask and protection, I attacked all the mold with tea tree oil, and it NEVER came back. Careful when spraying in large quantities, however, and wear a mask. This can be very irritating if inhaling the mist or if you get it into your eyes.

  • Chocolate Tummy

    Tea Tree Oil is Like a Miracle Inside a Bottle…make sure it’s 100% Essential oil I am never without tea tree oil and not loyal to any brand. Just make sure it’s undiluted. Always buy 100% Essential Tea Tree Oil. I buy it in 16 ounce bottles. It last a long time.As long as it’s 100 percent tea tree oil I’m good. It works from everything to getting rid of fleas and mange on dogs to lice and ring worm on children. It even dries out a pimple fairly quickly. And if I were ever to have nail fungus I would treat it with tea trea oil before resorting to other medications.For lice I place a few drops into a dime sized blotch of shampoo and wash kids hair as usual. Then I do the same with their leave in conditioner and then blow dry child’s hair completely. Both the heat and the oil kill the lice. To be on the safe side I treat everyone in the house.Then I soak brushes and combs daily in a water/tea tree oil mix. 40 drops to every 8 ounces of water. You can reuse the water mix if you do this in a bucket.I also make up the same solution of 60 drops to 8 ounces of water and place it in a spritz bottle so I can spray all our furniture, bedding, clothes, stuffies and whatever else you think might have a louse on it.I even put 40 drops into my laundry soap and fabric softener. Not the whole bottle, but 40 drops for every wash and rinse cycle. Hope this makes sense.Sadly, when my children where in elementary school lice was abundant and we had to deal with it on four occasions. The first two times I used the regular products. They are both expensive and not nearly as effective as the tea tree oil, nor as safe. The third time I did two regular shampoos with the chemical ridden shampoos and followed up with tea tree oil regimen that I listed above. That worked great. The fourth time I treated only with tea tree oil regimen and it was super easy to get rid of.For mange with dogs it’s similar as the lice treatment. I place several drops into both their dime sized blob of shampoo and conditioner. I leave in the conditioner. And then spray them down with the sprintzer full of 60 drops of oil to every 8 ounces of water. In between baths I sprintz them down two times a day and rub the solution into their skin. I also spritz their bedding between washes and carpeting and anything they may lie on. I swear it works better than the mange dip I got from the vet and the over the counter mange stuff I bought at the feed store. Plus, it’s safer to use than what the vet gives you and smells so much better than what is at the feed store. And most importantly completely gets rid of it.I also use it in my mop water and my kitchen and bathroom cleaning solutions. I place several drops into my hand soap dispensers. And I even use it to disinfect cuts and other sores. It’s really a great product.

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