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Now Foods Sandalwood Oil 14% Blend, 1-Ounce

100% Pure Natural 14% Oil BlendSantalum album Ingredients: Pure sandalwood oil pure grapeseed oilAroma: Subtle, floral, undertones of wood and fruitBenefits: Grounding, focusing, balancingTry Blissful Thinking – a recipe with Sandalwood Oil Blendor Male Clarity – another recipe using Sandalwood Oil BlendView all of our recipes

Product Features

  • Sandalwood Oil Blend – 1 oz1 oz
  • 100% Pure
  • Natural

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3 comments to Now Foods Sandalwood Oil 14% Blend, 1-Ounce

  • Mysterious Microburst "Apocryphal Raven"

    Very fine blend! Excellent value at reasonable price. This sandalwood is the Real Deal. The bottle and review link clearly states that it is 14% Sandalwood Oil. Why there is a reference to 15% is somewhat odd.I have found Now products to be comparable in quality to many more expensive brands and this is true of their sandalwood blend, as well. Intelligently, Now chose grapeseed oil as the carrier. Rationale: grapeseed does not “go rancid” as many other carriers will and does not modify the sandalwood fragrance in any way (other than the expected dilution).I find it interesting that, having used many different Sandalwood oils, both in Essential and dilute form and in high-end colognes, this is the only one that does not acquire a bit of “fishy” quality on my skin. It smells wonderful when applied and continues to smell wonderful. It has a lasting quality and does not fade for many hours.What can be said about true, finest sandalwood that isn’t known? The nose cannot be fooled, nor can the senses. There is an immediate warmth and comfort that arises from smelling the fragrance. It borders on being downright delicious to those who know and love it. This is the signature that cannot be synthesized.True white sandalwood is rapidly becoming an endangered rarity, which is why the pure, unadulterated Essential Oil is so highly priced. Non-dilute sandalwood essence is quite intense. This blend is perfect for most uses: wonderful for wearing on the skin, equally great for perking up the scent of sandalwood beads that have lost their fragrance over time, fabulous for meditation, great in a scent ring or your choice of aromatherapy device, lovely to apply before bedtime and drift off into peaceful (and sometimes extraordinary) dreams.For the price, you receive *one full ounce* of this oil. You can pay more for a higher-end competitor’s blend and receive precisely what you will from Now. The sole differences will be in the packaging and, in some instances, the carrier oil. I will reiterate: grapeseed is one of the best choices for a carrier oil and works beautifully in this blend.I am extremely happy that I chose to purchase this oil, rather than fall prey to the notion that “what costs more must be better.” If you already have a preferred brand and price is no object, you will doubtless continue to buy that brand ~ but if, like me, you are seeking high quality and must carefully consider each purchase before making it, you will be congratulating yourself for making the wise choice.Admittedly, I do not buy oils on the basis of a more attractive bottle or prettier label. Now is straightforward in their presentation. For me, it is what the bottle contains, that is is natural and made with pure, quality ingredients. The added bonus of Super Saver shipping was, for me, one more serious consideration. I was additionally able to purchase some terrific components at a deep discount which were ideal to complete a project I’ve been working on bit by bit for the past two months.This is an excellent product!

  • Lana Jerome "LanJe Naturals"

    Subtle Scent is Normal for Sandalwood Blend I was literally FORCED to write a review after seeing the negative comments about this product that I’ve been buying directly from NOW Foods for years. This IS the real deal, highly sought after “Santalum album” which can only be found in India. Sandalwood is a base note in fragrances due to its staying power, while it’s scent can be subtle in a blend. If you are expecting a 14% concentration of Sandalwood to saturate the senses from smelling out of the bottle, you are mistaken. However, apply this to the skin and it blooms into the wonderful, warm scent you would expect of Sandalwood that lasts & lasts. NOW mixes it with Grapeseed oil which is also a wonderful choice as it does not have a fragrance & it does not go rancid quickly, like most other carrier oils. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this product, from it’s amazing scent, it’s healing properties (physical, mental, spiritual) right to the great value (from someone who purchases LOTS of essential oils, even from wholesalers). Also, Sandalwood is one of the very few essential oils whose scent gets BETTER with age. *** It should also be noted that this particular Indian Sandalwood tree that produces ‘Santalum album’ is currently under protection by the Indian government in an attempt to stop endangerment. It takes nearly 100 years for the Sandalwood trees to reach maturity for the oil to be taken from it’s roots and today’s black market trade has caused poachers to drop ivory trade & go hacking down young Sandalwood trees, ravishing the supply now & completely endangering their future. Yay for the elephants & Boo for the great woods. PLEASE use this sacred oil appropriately & responsibly given it’s rarity.

  • tuthers

    Very nice! I’m pleased with the fragrance and the concentration strength. I’ve read that sandalwood scent is good for the brain; maybe it’s true; anyway, it can’t hurt.

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